A Long Way to Go / Marjorie Darke.



17 year old twins Lucas and Bella live with their grandfather in London. Lucas is an apprentice cabinet-maker, but dreams of being a sculptor, Bella does heavy labour in a mill because the men are at war. Lucas and Bella's birthday is coming up and once he turns 18 Lucas will be laid off and expected to enlist in the army. But he decides to hide as a conscientious objector, or conchie. He is caught and imprisoned, sent to France where he is wounded almost immediately. Still a prisoner, he is returned to England where he is imprisoned for the duration of the war. The author draws a parallel between slavery and conscription into the war.


1914-1918, England, Fiction, Freedom, Interracial relationships, World War

Reading Levels

Ages 14 - 16 / Grades 8 - 10

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