Since the UBC Wiki is being used by a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons, organization is very important. Keeping the UBC Wiki organized will make information easier to find, keep users from overwriting each other's pages, and allow the Wiki to be used for multiple purposes. The primary method of keeping the UBC Wiki organized is through the use of Namespaces.



Pages on the UBC wiki are grouped into collections called "namespaces", which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can also have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages.

Namespaces are indicated in page titles by prefixing the page name with "namespace:", so the prefix "Help:" in this page's title ("Help:Namespaces") indicates that this page is in the Help namespace. Please note that namespace prefixes always end with a colon.

Organizing Your Content

The UBC Wiki is organized into different collections to accommodate different needs:

The root of the wiki is primarily a community area for knowledge sharing about all aspects of the University. Users are encouraged to add to or edit any page in the main space.
Course-based content or activities should go into the Course space. See Using the UBC Wiki for Course Work for more information on how to add pages to this space.
  • Prefix: Course:
The Documentation space is provided for documentation, support guides, technical manuals, and other similar content. Here is an example of how it can be used.
  • Prefix: Documentation:
The Sandbox is a place to play, experiment, and to use the UBC Wiki as a personal and collaborative workspace. The Sandbox is your notebook and you can use it how you wish!
  • Prefix: Sandbox:

Organization Policies

Each namespace on the UBC Wiki serves a different purpose and may have slightly different policies:

Main space

The root, or mainspace, of the wiki is primarily a shared community space and articles in this section should be encyclopedic in nature, appeal to a broad audience, and be reflective of UBC. Titles should be as specific as possible and not use abbreviations or acronyms. Each article should start with an introductory sentence describing what the page is about. Articles that do not meet this criteria may be moved. Pages in the mainspace belong to the wiki community and anyone should feel free to edit them. The Main Space does not support subpages.

Course space

The course space is for instructors, students, and individuals to post, organize, and collaborate on course content. Content should be organized under the class number using subpages. While any individual (including the instructor) does "own" any particular class space, this is still an area that can be used as an individual work space for class projects, collaborative work, and the like. Outside editing of articles in this namespace shall be minimal.

Documentation space

The documentation space is for user manuals, documentation, support and other similar content. Outside editing of articles or pages in this space shall be minimal.


The Sandbox is is a personal notebook space that can be used for building draft pages, working on personal or group projects, or just playing the wiki. It is a casual, unofficial space and you should not edit a page there if you have not be invited to do so.

In addition, the UBC Wiki includes a few other semi-reserved namespaces:

Please join the discussion on UBC Wiki policies at UBC_Wiki:Community_Policies.

Adding a page to a UBC Wiki namespace

To add a page to namespace, prefix the page name with the space name and a colon (such as either "Course:" or "Documentation:"). For example, the page name ABCD123 would be added after the space name "Course:" to make Course:ABCD123. You can create the new page by searching for this full title or browsing to the extended url, for example:

To add an already existing page to the course space, use the move function and rename the page with the "Course:" prefix. For example, a page named ABCD123 would be renamed Course:ABCD123.

Examples of What Type of Content Goes Where

Type of Content Proper Namespace Location
Encyclopedic article focusing on specific topics and how they relate to UBC Main
Assignment Course
Information about student group or club Main
Presentation Documentation, Sandbox, User Name Subpage
Course page Course
Guide or help page for online educational tool Documentation
Planning document Sandbox
Workshop, Conference page Sandbox, Documentation
Individual Project Sandbox, User Subpages
Group Project Sandbox
Course or research related project Sandbox, Course (if related to specific course)
Course Project Course, Sandbox
Meeting notes Documentation, Sandbox
Student paper or project Course, Sandbox
Faculty Description Main
Map of specific places at UBC Main
Test page Sandbox
Personal page Sandbox, User Page, User Subpage
Student Discussion on a Course Topic Course, Discussion Page related to specific Course page
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