Session for the CTLT Winter Institute - 2016


Event Description

“Teaching with Wikipedia transforms a classroom’s boundaries. Every day, students write papers, translate articles, or share photos with their class. Wikipedia assignments transform that classroom into a global audience. Students learn, and then share that learning in their own words, for real readers.” Wikieducator

In this hands-on workshop we will share examples of instructors who are using Wikipedia in their classrooms at UBC, consider the value and constraints for using Wikipedia and more broadly explore authentic learning that changes the role of the student from a consumer to a producer of knowledge.

In this workshop we will engage in some “learning challenges” to help us explore different approaches for using Wikipedia in the classroom. We’ll discuss the spectrum of different approaches you can take to developing a Wikipedia assignment and explore some of challenges and constraints using this approach.

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For Instructors

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Orientation for New Instructors: 30 min online orientation:

Case Studies:

Rationale: Why Wikipedia?

For Students

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Open Practices: Teaching and Learning with Wikipedia Roundtable

Note: No slides were used in this session

Session Description

Wikipedia-based assignments can engage students in an authentic learning experience that involves open collaboration, critical thinking, and knowledge building for a global audience. When working with Wikipedia, students are asked to engage with communities other than their peers in a classroom, open their ideas up to public scrutiny, and evaluate, create and communicate information in new ways. When students write or edit in wikipedia, they are not using the same format or skills that they would in writing a research paper or persuasive essay – they are applying new strategies to produce knowledge that people will use in the real world and they are building digital literacies. In this discussion based session, a roundtable of UBC instructors who have integrated Wikipedia-based assignments into their courses will have a conversation and share practical knowledge about their assignment models, what worked, what challenges were encountered, what support they had or needed, and things they would do differently.