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Helpful Tips For Co-op Students Going to Saskatoon

Purpose: This document was created to help you prepare the necessary documents and funds
BEFORE your departure to Saskatoon. This information may help to prevent some difficulties with
paperwork and make it an easier transition for you.



Saskatoon is located within the prairies and is much smaller geographically compared to Vancouver.


Lower tax value compared to Vancouver.


Health Insurance wise, having a UBC student plan helps. Should you need to see a doctor the walk-in clinic accepts new patients, you just have to bring your BC Health CareCard with you.


Rent is definitely cheaper. If your coop placement is for under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada I would suggest applying for the University of Saskatchewan student residence. AgCanada is conveniently located within the university and the student residence is only about 10 minutes walk away. This option is cheaper and it is a great way to meet new people. Be advised though that student residence contracts usually ends two weeks prior to the end of a term so back-up housing should be arranged for your last two weeks.


Document Preparation

AgCanada usually requires a security check before handing out an official job offer. Details regarding required documents would be given upon being selected

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