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Respondus Quiz is an assessment software for quickly creating and managing exams or quizzes that can either be printed and distributed as paper copies or imported to a Canvas course. Exams can be created offline in a Windows environment or using virtualization software such as Parallels on Macs, and moved from one system to another. You can also add images, audio and links to your question for more media-enriched exercises. Exams and quiz questions are stored into a database for reuse in future assessments. Respondus is designed to make quiz authoring faster and easier.

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Retrieval, Reports, and Tools


Respondus can help you create assessments using 9 different types of questions:

Get Started

Installing Respondus Quiz

  1. Go to the: Software Distribution site, and sign in with your CWL.
  2. Select "Respondus Quiz" from the Teaching & Learning tab.
  3. Click "Add to Cart", then "Check Out".
  4. Follow the prompts until you reach an Order Summary screen with a download link.

Note that the authoring software currently only works on the Windows platform.

Please take note of the following when they appear during the download process (you will need this information when installing the software):

How to Use Respondus Quiz

The user guide is available at



Need help?

Contact your local Instructional Support Unit.

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