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This document is the drafting space for a new resource to help faculty find support services for providing learning resources to students.



A new resource that helps faculty find support for providing learning resources to students. Currently, support is spread amongst Bookstore, Library, CTLT, LThub, others. Resource will also help align open resources with traditionally published resources.

Proposed Framework


Talk to Library
New or used books
Digital version
Adding OER to SIS
  • open textbooks
  • Library reserves
  • ebooks, hardbacks, looseleaf
  • chapter use/fair dealing

Individual articles, chapters, readings

  • Add articles to Lockr
  • Link to open access resources
  • Link to a journal article at the library

Test, Quizzes, Assessment tools

  • For publishers - contact bookstore
  • Link to a openly available test/problem bank
  • Use UBC tools like WeBWork,Piazza
  • Contact LTHub

Service Providers/owners

  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • LThub
  • Copyright / Permissions Office
  • UBC Studio

Types of Materials