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Open Case Studies
Welcome to the portal for Open Case Studies. We hope you’ll find what you need or jump in and help create new resources where gaps exist.
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The Open Case Studies portal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Project Description

This project brings together people from across departments and Faculties to co-create an interdisciplinary, open educational resource with case studies written by faculty and students. Many of these case studies focus on topics in sustainability, but we also include cases on other topics that benefit from an interdisciplinary approach. The cases on this site are open educational resources: they have an open license to allow for revision and reuse of the cases in other courses and contexts (the cases are licensed CC BY 4.0). If you would like to know how you might use these cases in your own course, please see our Teaching Guide, as well as our guide on how to use this website. In addition, we are looking to expand this resource by finding more courses in which students and faculty might use and revise these case studies, or even create new case studies to be included in the collection. If you think you might be interested, please see information on how to get involved!




Instructors/Graduate students writing case studies:

Graduate students helping with the project

Undergraduate students who helped with original set of case studies for the project

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