Initial Setup

Q: What are the system requirements for using Connect?

Q: How can I copy an existing course?

To prepare your new course by copying the content of an existing course, there are a few options in the copying process:

Option 1 - Copying Course Materials from Source course to Destination course

Step 1:

Step 2:

  1. Select the Control Panel, Packages and Utilities, go to Course Copy
  2. Select Copy Type: Copy course materials into an existing course
  3. Enter the Destination Course ID
  4. Under Copy Options, unless you know the specific content and tools to copy, it is best to Select All
  5. Ensure that Include enrollment in the copy is NOT selected
  6. Select Submit

Option 2 - Exporting a course package/Import package to New Course Shell

Step 1:

  1. Select the Control Panel > Package and Utilities > Export/Archive Course
  2. Select Export package
  3. Review and ensure the File attachments defaults are set at:
    Course file default directory - Copy links and includes copies of the files in the course default directory
    Files outside of the course directory defaults: - Copy only links to files stored outside of the course default directory
  4. Under Select Course Materials: - Choose Select All (*unless you specifically know what tools/content) to export
  5. Submit

Step 2:

  1. On the Control Panel > Package and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs
  2. Select Import Package, choose Select a Package (browse computer) and find the package
  3. Leave Institutional Hierachy node at the default
  4. Select course materials and choose Select All
  5. Submit

If you need further assistance, please contact your Instructional Support Unit. or the LT Hub.

Q: How do I use a course template?

Some faculties or departments have course templates for use inside Connect. Please contact your instructional support unit to get started with templates. You can find their contact information by clicking on the following link.

Q: What should I do if my course is crosslisted?

If you're running your course in Connect, you can crosslist your courses together so that students across all relevant sections will be collected together and have access to the same materials. Get in touch with your instructional support unit to do this, and have your course codes and section numbers ready to provide to the support staff. They'll create a crosslisted course for you and grant you access.

Q: How do I add an additional tool(s) to my course?

On the Control Panel, under Customization, select Tool Availability. Select or clear the check boxes of the tools you want to use in your course and which users will have access to these tools. Tools with a grayed check box in a column have been turned off by the system administrator. Tools with a dash ( - ) in a column do not have availability settings in the system that can be changed.

Q: How can I create groups?

Course Groups allow instructors to create groups of students within a course. To create groups, do the following:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and select Users and Groups
  2. Select Groups
  3. Click on the Create button near the top left corner of the page (if this option does not appear, ensure that Edit Mode is ON at the top right corner of your course)
  4. Under Single Group, select Self-Enroll or Manual Enroll.
  5. Type a name for the group and provide a description (optional)
  6. If you have selected the self-enroll option, indicate whether the group should now be visible to students, or if you only want to make the sign-up sheet for the group available
  7. Indicate which tools should be available to students in the group (or deselect all of them!)
  8. If you chose the Self-Enroll option, provide a name for the sign-up sheet
  9. Optionally, indicate the maximum number of students and allow students to see the names of people who have signed up for the group by selecting the Show Members checkbox
  10. Click Submit

Q: Why is my course empty?

When you first open your new course shell, it may contain no content. You will either need to add/create the content or copy the content from an existing course.

To create content, please refer to the instructions on How Do I Add Content to a Course? in the CONTENT section below.

To copy the content from an existing course, please refer to the instructions on How Do I Copy an Existing Course? in the INITIAL SETUP section above.