My Media allows users to view, add, edit, delete and assign their own media to a specific course.

Faculty may also contribute media to the Faculty Repository from My Media.

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Effective Practices

Access My Media page (How to)

My Media can be accessed from the My Media module on the My Connect tab or from a Course Gallery.

My Media module on My Connect tab

My Media is a module that can be added to the My Connect tab.

Follow these steps to add the My Media module to the My Connect Tab:

  1. On the My Connect Tab, click Add Module button in the left hand corner.
    Click the Add Module button on the My Connect Tab.
  2. On the left side of the Add Module page, type in Media in the search field and click the Go button.
  3. My Media appears on the right side under My Media module. Click the Add button below the module to add the module to your My Connect tab.

Course Gallery

Enter the Course Gallery either from the Course Gallery Module or from a Tool Link on the course menu.

Once you have entered the Course Gallery, click the My Media link on the top of the page to enter into your My Media page.

Click the My Media link on the top of the page to enter into your My Media page.

My Media View and Functions

The available actions for users on this page include:

The My Media page includes the following actions for users: upload media file or record and upload from webcam (A), view video and select video player options (B), edit metadata and video viewing options (C), sort through gallery (D) of My Media files (click on video links in the gallery to view video, video metadata and video options), allow other users to make clips (E) of a video, clip video files using the clipping tool (F), delete media (G), add media file to Course Gallery with the Add to Course Gallery button (H), and faculty members only can contribute media to the Faculty Repository (I).

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