Kaltura in Connect is a video platform accessible to all students, faculty, teaching assistants, and administrators. Users can integrate lecture capture and video materials, submit video assignments, and share video content. Features include the ability to upload, publish, search, and create clips from existing video content, reuse videos across various courses, and share video directly in Connect. This video platform can enrich course material and lead to improved student engagement online.

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Effective Practices

Kaltura Galleries

The various galleries are libraries for media files viewable and accessible to certain audiences.

The image illustrates the different levels of access for each Kaltura Gallery.
Name What Media Audience
My Media Every user has a private media gallery where content can be uploaded, managed, clipped, and shared (based on their permissions). All media uploaded by a user Only user
Course Gallery Course Gallery enables course members to search and view media assigned to a course. All media contributed to a specific course Course members
Course Homepage Gallery All “featured” media from the Course Gallery.
  • TAs, instructors (hidden and published videos)
  • Students (published videos only)
Faculty Repository Faculty can easily search and share content such as library/curriculum files. All media contributed to the repository by faculty members Faculty member from any UBC Faculty


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