The new CTLT Institute (formerly TAG Institute and EduCamp) offers you an opportunity to share practice and research around learning, teaching and technology. The theme for this year’s Institute is Explore.Share.Engage.

You will be provided with the opportunity to explore, share and engage in specific pedagogical tools and technologies and leave with practical ideas and examples that you can effectively apply in your classroom practice. The Institute also provides an opportunity to network with presenters and colleagues and further discuss the topics you explored in the sessions.

Check the schedule to select specific sessions you are interested in or engage in strands that catch your attention. Everyone who teaches and interacts with students are welcome to attend. Register on-line and attend with your colleagues.


Why Attend?


explore innovative ideas, teaching strategies and approaches, and cutting edge technologies


share experiences, information, challenges and solutions with colleagues from across the campus


engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning


Tools and Techniques

This strand is the place to show off the newest tools, share creative uses for old favorites, and pass on hacks, tips and tricks. Sessions in this strand are generally hands-on and highly interactive. You will appreciate learning about the theories supporting the techniques and gaining the necessary confidence to apply them in your classroom.

Threads in the Tools and Techniques strand include, but are not limited to, the following:

Reinvigorating Your Teaching and Learning Environment

Threads in this strand include, but are not limited to, the following:

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The last day of the CTLT Institute will be fully dedicated to the exploration and sharing of the scholarship of teaching and learning. Additionally, the theme of the scholarship of teaching and learning will be the focus of some of of the plenary sessions (TPI) Whether you are already engaged in the scholarship of your teaching, or you are simply wanting to know more, you will find sessions that range from learning about funding opportunities, conducting research in teaching, to share your success in SoTL.

Sessions will include:

Session Types

Who Should Attend?

Every member of the UBC community is encouraged to attend:

Depth and Breadth of Programme

The week is comprised of expert-led plenary and presentation sessions, discussions and debates, best practice showcases, and hand on workshops that offer you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore ideas, share strategies and engage in scholarship of teaching and learning.