Comments I liked the article that was written. It is a decent introduction to the topic. I would have actually liked something more in depth.

I have the following small suggestions to the article:

The amount of pheromone along the trail is proportional to the quality of the food and distance to the food. Ants travel the same path till another random wandering ant finds a shorter path to the food. Longer paths have reduced pheromones as it dissipates with time. Shorter paths are traversed more and hence they have more pheromones.

Can you provide a goal or example where this optimization is used?

Can you provide real work where Particle swarm optimization and stochastic diffusion search is used?


Grading Scheme

   * The topic is relevant for the course: 5
   * The writing is clear and the English is good: 5
   * The page is written at an appropriate level for CPSC 522 students (where the students have diverse backgrounds): 5
   * The formalism (definitions, mathematics) was well chosen to make the page easier to understand: 5
   * The abstract is a concise and clear summary: 5
   * There were appropriate (original) examples that helped make the topic clear: 5
   * There was appropriate use of (pseudo-) code: 0
   * It had a good coverage of representations, semantics, inference and learning (as appropriate for the topic): 3
   * It is correct: 5
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If I was grading it out of 20, I would give it: 16