1st Group Member: Yuxin Xu

Hello, this is Yuxin Xu who is an undergraduate student in Bachelor of Arts (UBC). You can also call me Irene. I was born and lived in Shanghai before I came to Vancouver last summer. I have a strong interest in the arts. For example, I was a cheerleader and a singer in my high school band. I think art comes from life, so the problems in life cannot be ignored. The reason why I have interested in this topic is not only because it’s my hometown, but also the importance I noticed of sustainability. Whatever it is a prosperous city based on industry or a traditional region based on agriculture, achieving sustainable development determines whether the country can achieve its long-term goals.

Irene xu

2nd Group Member: ZiZhen Cheng

yuki cheng

I am an undergraduate studied in University of British Columbia on arts faculty. I have Studied in Vancouver for one year and experienced high school life in Toronto for two years from 2017. Leaving my hometown early for further study forces me love travelling and feeling variable experiences in different countries. Even though I'm adrift, my hometown still is my favorite place which is a northern city in China called Xi’an. Besides, I have traveled to Shanghai. I think it is necessary to pay attention to the sustainability of a busy and rapidly developing city.

3rd Group Member: Xinyue Liao (Celena)

Hi everyone, my name is Xinyue Liao, you can call Celena as well. I am an undergraduate student at UBC, and I have been studying in Vancouver for five years. I graduated from Seaquam Secondary School. I love traveling, playing games, talking and chatting with people, so I have lots of friends all around the world. And it made me realize the inevitable importance of sustainable development around the world.


4th Group Member: Chi Zhang

Hi, everyone, this is Chi Zhang. I am currently doing my undergraduate degree in UBC and have been in Vancouver for about only one year. I am obsessed with video games, gemstones, traveling, and memes. My research interests include how to understand Raid, auction, and economy in World of Warcraft from anthropology and sociology perspective. Sustainable development as a major element in real life, I think it’s necessary to explore and understand.

chi zhang


In today's society, tourism has become an important tertiary industry, and in some countries or regions, tourism has even become the biggest pillar industry of economic income. (Getz et al., 2016) Also, tourism has become a very common demand for people especially when people's living standards improve. For this reason, we want to know more about the relationship between travelers, local people, and the environment.