Organization Name

Richmond Food Security Society


2771 Westminster Way, Richmond, BC


Community Partner Name

Colin Dring

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Monday to Friday 9-6pm

Saturday, Sunday 10-2pm

Project Scope Statement

Our food system has undergone significant changes in the last four decades. Technological advancements, market structures, and an increasingly globalized supply chain have impacted the food system at every level: production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Individuals with long-term engagement in food system activities (i.e. farmer, dietician/nutritionist, food retailer, activist, policy maker, restaurateur, agronomist, consultant, environmental quality officer) can provide unique insight into the impacts of the changes in the modern food system. The Richmond Food Security Society is interested in documenting the experiences of long-term Chinese-Canadian stakeholders to capture their perceptions of change within their field in their own language.

Goals and Objectives

The objective of this community project is to interview four individuals of Chinese-Canadian descent with long-term engagement in the food system. Groups will contact, interview, record, analyze and create a short video highlighting the key themes and experiences of the stakeholders in their own language.

Recommended Research Methods

Ethnographic Interviews and Data Analysis

Potential Information Sources

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Expected Outcomes/Deliverables

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