04.8 Summary of Lesson 4


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1. Which agency below is responsible for accurate labeling of foods.

Health Canada: HPFB
Industry Canada
BC Ministry of Health
City of Vancouver

2. Which food below is NOT a standardized food?

Enriched white bread
Raisin bread
Pizza dough
Whole wheat bread

3. Why do we use nitrites in cured meats?

To enhance the pink colour in finished products
To enhance flavours
To act as an antimicrobial agent
All of the above
None of the above as nitrites are not approved to be added to cured meats in Canada.

4. Match the agency with their role.

Sets new food regulations.

Inspections of restaurants.

Reviews food related advertisements for claims.

5. In order to qualify as Canada Grade A, which qualities must maple syrup have?

Undergone at least some fermentation
Be free of sediment and turbidity
Be categorized in the amber color class
Produced only in Canada