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2019 FRST Projects

Assessing and contrasting approaches to agroforestry by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples vs. the Forest Department in Kerala, India
The progressive inclusion and recognition of the Ainu Indigenous Peoples in Japan and the impacts on their relationships to their homelands
The Implementation of First Nations Values in the Context of Industrial Forestry by the Haida on Haida Gwaii with a Focus on the Haida Gwaii Management Council and the Haida Owned and Operated Taan Forestry Ltd., British Columbia, Canada
The Stuwix Resources Joint Venture Case Study: Understanding Decision-Making, Relationship and Forest Management Planning for Forest Tenures Managed by Indigenous Peoples in the Merritt Timber Supply Area, British Columbia, Canada
Indigenous knowledge and the implications for the changing climate: A study of the effects of colonialism on the Pikangikum First Nation and their traditional use of fire in the Ontario Boreal forest
The Legacy of the Alta Case: Legal and cultural impacts of Norway’s Alta Hydroelectric Power Station on the Sámi People’s management of their customary territory
Management of morel mushroom harvesting by the Secwépemc Nation of British Columbia, Canada; implications for Indigenous jurisdiction and territorial protection
Sámi forestry conflicts in Sápmi, Finland: The Arctic railway
A review and assessment of the sustainable forest management practices in the Kayapo Indigenous Territory in the Brazilian Amazon
Impact of the African Forest Landscape Initiative (AFR100+) on Aboriginal Forestry in Kenya: The Ogiek Peoples
The impacts of the policy of protecting the culture of Chinese Ethnic Minorities and forest resources on the Manchu and Oroqen Ethnic Minorities in Greater Khingan Range, Heilongjiang, China.
Assessing the management of natural resources’ activities on their Traditional, Ancestral and Unceded Territory by the Squamish Indigenous People of British Columbia, Canada
Analysis of the management of village fengshui forests in Guizhou Province, China.
Reflections on the Historical Relationships Between the Coal Mining Industry and Indigenous Communities in British Columbia and on Possible Impacts From the Transition From Coal-Generated to Renewable Energy Sources
The role of clam gardens in the cultural heritage of the Coast Salish peoples of the Gulf Islands archipelago and as a restoration tool adopted by Parks Canada in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, British Columbia, Canada
Māori and rāhui: protecting the treasures of New Zealand
The promise and the reality of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Act 1981 for the Anangu Indigenous Peoples of Australia
The management of Huaping National Nature Reserve (Gvangjsih Bouxcuengh Swcigih) in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China by the Zhuang Ethnic Minority
An assessment of the tactics and strategies of the Ka'apor tribe of Maranhao, Brazil against illegal logging in their territory
Efforts of Peruvian Amazon Indigenous groups against deforestation and conflicts with regulating government bodies
Forest-based theogony from the Guarani communities in Paraguay and Bolivia, South America.
History and consequences of conferring legal personhood on the Whanganui River in New Zealand
The history and potential impacts of the Tsilhqot'in land claim agreement (2014) in British Columbia, Canada
A survey of the impacts following from the dispossession of the Mapuche People of central Chile of their territories by industrial-scale activities and Mapuche resistance
A survey and analysis of the relationships between First Nations and the forest industry in British Columbia, Canada
Inuit definitions of food sovereignty in Nunavut, Canada: the linkages between historical displacement from traditional foodscapes and Inuit food insecurity.
Indigenous responses and resistance to resource extractive and infrastructural developments in the Tapajós-Xingu region of Brazil (1980 to 2018)
Pre-contact First Nations use of controlled burning in management of grasslands in western Canada and/or garden fields in what is now Ontario and the Maritimes of Canada
Eviction for conservation: assessing the contested claims to Embobut Forest of the Sengwer Indigenous People versus the State of Kenya
A review and assessment of the forestry industry of the Lax Kw'alaams First Nation in Canada’s North West Territories
An assessment of the traditional, cultural and political struggles against eco-colonialism in the Independent State of Samoa (19xx to 20xx)
Contemporary fishery management in Aotearoa New Zealand: inter-Maori relations and the government’s role in redress
The impact of the rubber boom (1879-1912) on Indigenous Peoples and the forest landscape in the Putumayo River region of South America
Traditional natural resources management practices in Tibet
The political, economic and cultural impacts of the Quinault River Treaty on the federally recognized Quinault Tribe communities and their traditional territories of Washington State, USA
The Pacheedaht First Nation in British Columbia, Canada
Tree plantations versus the territorial claims of the Mapuche Indigenous People of Chile
The discourse of power in tenure relations: A Review of the acquisition process of the First Nations Woodland Licence in BC
Hisistorical and contemporary relationships between the Indigenous communities of Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia and the Canadian federal and provincial governments relating to forest resources management
Loss of indigenous knowledge and the implications for the changing climate: A study of the effects of colonialism on the Pikangikum First Nation and their traditional use of fire in the Ontario Boreal forest
Action and Partnerships Lead to Forestry Success for the Pacheedaht First Nation in British Columbia, Canada
Comparing and Contrasting Aboriginal Forestry Laws and Regulations in Canada’s British Columbia and China’s GuiZhou Province
Examining the Integration of Tl’azt’en Nation values in the John Prince Research Forest in British Columbia, Canada

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