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2019 Winter Term 2

Team # Team Members Project Area(s)
01 Lynne Kim, William Li, Samuel Tuffin, Daniella Zhang Implications of Single Use Styrofoam
02 Taylor McNeill, Pilar Rodriguez, Mia Abbas, Jasmine Lee Climate Change Impact on Great White Sharks: Conservation Implications
03 Heidi Chang, Austin Chan, Kelly Joe, Jiaming Wang Socio-economic implications of the decline of the western honeybees
04 Christina Bao, Xiexue Shi, Iris Zhang, Shihan Zhang BC Forest Practice Act
05 Xuan Chen, Finnley He, Chang Liu, Wendy (Julie) Zhang Socio-ecological impacts of community forestry in Mexico
06 Judith McKenna, Adriana Burton, Jack zhao, Calvin Smale BC’s investment in natural gas: Is it a global climate change mitigation tactic or a climate change cause?
07 Mahmoud Borno, Mauricio Martinez, Jenally Maranon, Tara McMillan Conservation in the Social Media
08 Keeley Ouellet, Dominique Cook, Jennifer Huang, Mary Chad Southern White Rhino Brought Back from extinction
09 Ava Farbarik, Kyra Kotsos, Christopher Quilty, Greg Totaro Is hydropower really green? Socio-environmental benefits and downsides of hydropower expansion in the Amazon basin.
10 Eric Chan, Allen Li, Samuel Troya, Ryan Avantino The feasibility of using wood waste (logging slash) for bioenergy in BC
11 Derick Chiou, Vicent Ho, Amrit Krishna, Anthony Siu The Impact of Trophy Hunting on Snow Leopards
12 Sam Fletcher, Liam McNaughton, Nick Somers, Romy Suliteanu, Joanna Pappo Community Forestry in BC: a Review of its Status, Impacts, and Prospects
13 Kristi Ellerbroek, Chanel Yee, Liam Gannon, Rowan Hendy Anthropogenic Impacts on Sperm Whales: Implications for Conservation
14 Tristen Brush, Sam Clement, Sydney Gass, Maya Kaufman, Sylvie Yang Socio-ecological impacts of community-based marine conservation in the Philippines.
15 Nicholas Sugrue, Jack Magnus, Ernie Chou, Ben Carbell Socio-economic impacts of the establishment and operations of Kruger National Park (South Africa) in adjacent local communities
16 Nour Dalati, John Raphael Mendoza, Yoshinori Tanaka, Shawna Turner Impacts of Cattle Ranching in the Interior of BC on Prairie Restoration Goals
17 Tim Su, Odelia Law, Yiyang Wang, Yi Zhang Impacts of Recreation on Conservation Efforts for Grizzly Bear Populations in BC
18 Kyle Dickenson, Kyle Kononowicz, Makayla Berger, Sasha Bond-Smith The relationship between forest harvesting methods and wildfire intensity in the dry southern interior forests of British Columbia
19 Hao Sun, Jenny Cha, Christine Yang, Dun Si Socio-ecological costs and benefits of the Site-C dam
20 Rebecca Hilpert, Meina Katsu, Bella Munson, Anna Tsigounis The 25-year battle between Ecuadorian Amazonian communities and Chevron-Texaco
21 Rosalia Jaffray, Teah Schacter, Ronak Sathyanarayana, Jake Misky Social, ecological and economic outcomes of forest practices and operations of First Nations in BC.
22 Katarina Barbosa, Beck Laake, Erin Miller, Sara Reimanis Complexities and Tradeoffs of Smallholder versus Large Commercial Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesian Borneo
23 Honghong Li, Duola Jiang, Carl Zou The story of the recovery of the Giant Panda
24 Alina Zeng, Stacie Zhu, Sriya Reddy, Paul Li Socio-ecological impacts of banana farming in Peru
25 Kyla Terenzek, Terrisa Yuan, Sara Salad, Iram Din Wild Salmon vs. Farmed Salmon in the BC Coast
26 Lauren Chen, Kong Lingsen, Yixuan Yu, Hongkai Qiu Ecological Benefits and Costs of China's Green Great Wall
27 Haowei Li, Zoe Li, Eddy Li, Shilo Yin, Ashley Yang Environmental, social and economic impacts of a global shift to vegetarianism: Can it save the world?
28 Dea Dardi, Amy Lamprecht, Helene Meddings, Victoria Spieker Support and opposition to the TransCanada Coastal Gaslink Pipeline in BC. What are the arguments for and against?
29 Justina Mengelle, Kristen Radosevic, Mckenna Liski, Natasha Silva Ecological, social and economic outcomes of ecosystem-based management in the Great Bear Rainforest
30 Rayan Moodad, Logan Aitken, Satyam Soni, Sheran Mendis Impacts of eco-tourism on the Galapagos Islands
31 Yiwei Liu, Shuoqi Ren, Jessie (Jie) Wen, Xin Weng Is solar energy sustainable? The environmental benefits and downsides of solar panels
32 James Popple, Victor Mate, Chris Postuk, Chris Spangenberg, Forrest Berman-Hatch BC's Climate Action Plan
33 Finley Wheeler, Ford Smith, Isabel Todorova, Erica Marsh Implications of Trans-Mountain Pipeline Expansion for the Conservation of Southern Resident Killer Whales
34 Zack Brook, David Choi, Julian Kwan, Alan Yang Mangroves in the Asia-Pacific region
35 Lawrence Fu, Ian Davidson, Xinyuan Gu, Junjie Zhang Upsides and downsides of environmental activism in halting or reducing deforestation in the Global South. Does environmental activism ever ‘hurt’ the cause?
36 Amanda Ju, Andy Seo, Edwin Yu, JunMing Zhang Environmental Implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
37 Rachel Little, Danae Shephard, Alexander Turpie, Sofie von Schenck What are the impacts of shrimp farming on the mangroves in South East Asia?
38 Grace Melchers, Johanna Griggs-Svensson, Danica Law, Azaan Amiri The Economic and Social Impacts of British Columbia Wolf Cull
39 Mitchell Wong, Ello Ciat Yue, Henry Lee, Xiaohan Zhou Links between climate change and insect outbreaks in BC: Past trends and future outlook
40 Niall Condon, Byung Jun Kim, Sara Goodman, Jou Chieh Lee Canadian mining in Latin America: A review of ecological, social and economic outcomes
41 Michael Spenrath, Atousa Mehrsai, Shoshanah Seumanutafa Synergies and Trade-Offs Between Western and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Relation to Conservation Issues

2017 Winter Term 2

Team # Team Members Project Area(s)
0. Will Will's Sample Page
2. Carmen Kam; Rebecca Li; Brian Ramirez; Hechuan Wu Ecological and social costs of single use plastic bags and what can be changed
3 Ashleen Bajwa; Nitisha Dhir; Moskan Khan; Sohjeet Toor Ecological and social costs of single use coffee cups and what can be changed.
4 Rain Chen; Alexandra Iannantuono; Anderson Lu; William Tow Environmental, economic and social benefits and drawbacks of British Columbia's raw log exports (1990-2017)
5 Stephanie Pawluk; Hannah Sachs; Sonia Stewart; Fridikka Wright Logging versus the Wells Gray Provincial Park and its iconic herd of southern mountain caribou in British Columbia, Canada.
6 Ira Hudgin; Natalie Maslowski; Riley McDonnell; Karlee Orvis Caribou, Logging, Wolves and Corporate Donors in British Columbia, Canada.
7 Malcolm Bissell; Ye Shen; Gabriel Wan; Olha Yamelnytska Canada's Species At Risk Act (SARA) and the woodland caribou.
8 Hanah Dhanani; Nicole Haye; Nicole Lau; Jaime Yeo The situation of the Penan and Kenyah Indigenous Peoples vs the construction of the Murum Dam in Northern Sarawak, Malaysia
9 Max Sirkin; Hector Sonnois; Nail Souilamas; Ben Warsmann The Svalbard Global Seed Vault: a flourishing debate on ex situ conservation
10 Ali Bader; Angelo Chang; Esther Felgentreff; Yuhan Yang Drivers and consequences of industrial-scale sand mining in Dubai
11 Xinyue Chen; Chuxuan Deng; Frederikke Hansen; Laerke Cecilie Loekke Weinreich Soernsen Don’t forget my name - The Northern White Rhino
12 Adrianne Lam; Derek Li; Emily Pearson; Ruby Yee-Brooks Wildlife crimes in World Heritage sites: state of knowledge and possible remedies
13 Madison Bradshaw; Melanie Chapman; Taylor Justason; Shayle Prins Recovery of bird populations in Great Britain
14 Anna Madsen; Javier Puac; Sandy Song; Peiyue Yan The story of the recovery of the Arabian oryx
15 Rebecca Brooks; Dexter Everett; Ian Fenner; Riley Kump-O'Brien The European Union (EU) Common Fisheries Policy - evolving no-take zones, family-tenured reefs and shell fish areas
16 Rachel Chew; Rachel Saltoun Karasenty; Kiran Sandhu; Rachael Thain Crocodile farming in Papua New Guinea (PNG)
17 Adam McKillican; Alex Schmaling; Carl Bols; Piper Stump Butterfly and ant interactions in lowland grasslands in the United Kingdom
18 Marissa Glavas; Cliodhna Reidy; Erica Dos Santos; Dionne Wong Restoration of ecosystem interactions in Yellowstone National Park, USA, with re-introduction of grey wolves
19 Lauren Boxold; Farshad Fesharakizadeh; Sasha Rodriguez; Annie Walker The story of brown bears in the Pyrenees and compensation for sheep farmers
20 Anthony Pica; Sean Roufosse; Audrey Steele; Kennedy Thomson Legal rights of sharks along the Pacific North West coast: an examination of legislation and policy differences in the USA or Canada
22 Meilin An; Forest Chu; Huanyu Yang; Li You The Opportunities for and Challenges of Saving the Marbled Murrelet.
23 Windy Chen; Alli Gallagher; Jiaxin Yu; Shuyue Xu Can China's ivory trade ban save elephants?
24 Charles Esplana, Group 24 Pastoralists vs conservationists in the highlands of Kenya: issues and possible solutions
25 James Bergal; Julian Burke; Won Jung Kim; Marko Zlatic Should the moratorium on logging since 2002 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) be lifted and concessions issued for industrial-scale logging? Arguments for and against
26 Makenna Bailey; Megan Berry; Mark Buglioni; Alyssa Hunt The Story of Canada's Digital Dumping Ground
27 Shahd Alnaji; Micaela Hogger; Jessica Low; Stephanie Mastro Cultural Keystone Places: conservation and restoration in Bhutan
28 Molly Dube; Simon Mattes; Matthew Wharrie; Arthur Woo Analysis of Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Namibia
29 Jessica Cunningham; Casey Haney; Nicholas Johnstone; Amy Mudan Ecological and social costs of cotton farming in Egypt and what can be changed.
30 Warren Mayer; Janak Rai; Nicholas Shaw; Anna Wong Caring for country: Australian Aborigines and natural and cultural resource management.
31 Tyler Doucet; Hailey Woo; Maija Wootton; Shuomin Zhang; Fort McKay First Nation's involvement in reclamation of Alberta's oil sands development.
32 Alexandra Arbelaez; Juliana Cao; Morgan Dowling; Nate Lui Hydraulic fracturing (fracking): social and environmental costs in Alberta
33 Nela Djordjevic; Charles White; Jiaxin Li Mineral mining versus local peoples’ rights in British Columbia, Canada
34 Remy Altasserre; Kara Lindsay; Gabriel Macalalag; Xuedan Xu Restoring a part of Hawai'i's past: Kaloko fishpond restoration
36 Noa Mayer; Audrey Standish; Bailey Sutherland; Jonny Warschauer The Timbisha Shoshone Indigenous People and Death Valley National Monument, USA
37 Hillary Clark; Dylan Kresge; Fynley Kuijt; Brian Lee Tribal science and farmers' resistance: salmon habitat restoration in the American Northwest
39 Mikhail Din; Justin Mak; Malavan Subramaniam; Sebastian Gomez Montenegro Protection of IUCN endangered species or ecosystems from urban expansion and re-development
40 Chen Chen; QinYi Dorothy Dai; Claire Simin Huang; Lifei Nicole Xu The Christmas or New Year bird count is the most popular ornithological activity in many Northern countries. Reasons why these counts are valuable for bird conservation and why the data can be misleading.

2016 Winter Term 2

Team # Team Members Project Area(s)
2. TODD, Adam. CHUNG, Hang Kin. LIANG, Jingheng. KWUN, Elisa. Biofuels: green economy initiative or more business as usual?
4 CALLISON-HANNA, Shesley. GOTTFRIEDSON, Alexis. KANG, HyunGu. LETTMAN, Alisha. Cultural Keystone Places: Conservation and Restoration in the Colorado River Delta
5a Jared Kozuki Do suburban golf courses have conservation value? Arguments for and against
5b Christian Holzhey, Spencer Kreutz, Xiaoyue Lu. Do suburban golf courses have conservation value? Arguments for and against
6 KWAN Angus, LI Anthony, SO Clarence, YANG Yuxin Ecological and social costs of cotton farming
8 Junyi Meng, Mengxi Chen, Shiyi Zhang, Xuanchao Xiang Fort McMurray, Alberta, and the fires of climate change
9 Andy Ferguson, David Watson, Joey Timmermans, Joseph Moric Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site: history and consequences for co-management
10 AL ANSARI, Zain. CAIN, Spencer. KELDERMAN, Tammy. ROSSMANN, Francis. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking): social and environmental costs in Pennsylvania
11 WILCHUK, Hunter. WANG, Daniel. WEYELL, Dylan. GUKOVA, Veronika Illegal logging in Brazil: drivers of and environmental and social consequences
12 SCHAEFER, Olivia. WANG, QiuYu. YE, Taisheng Grizzly Bear Conservation in British Columbia: conservation status
15 BOZIK,Marija. GREENE, Kristin. MACDONALD, Esmee. PEDRIKS, Lauren Monsanto and ‘Terminator’ seeds
16 Marley Lightfoot, Alicia Lachetta, Yu An Cheng, Linda Ling Octopus fishery management in Madagascar
17 Jack Robertson, Chris Von Mossow, Sean Wanket, Macadam Brown Pesticide poisoning in the Global South
18 CHENG, Siyu. COSTEA, Elisei. ESTES, Olivia. RICKERBY, Farron. Rainforest, Oil, and Indigenous People in Ecuador: the Yasuní-ITT Project, Ecuador
21 HODGSON, Lucas. JARVIS, Sky. HARVISON, Ashleigh. LAFLAMME-YONKMAN Jessica. The drastic decline in African elephant populations: possible causes and consequences
22 BERTOGG, Philip. DANFENG, Jing. CHEN, Simon. TURNER-JOHNSTON, Teneesha The environmental impact of meat consumption
23 DURNIN-VERMETTE, Francis. KAPOOR, Tyreen. MAXWELL, Steven. FOGRASCHER, Maya. The growing dietary dependence on foreign crops: drivers and risks
24 FELDES Natasha, TRERISE Bridget, KOBAYASHI Breagh, SOLAMO Chazel. Indigenous homelands in Yellowstone National Park: paying the costs of conservation
25 SPENCER, Emily. SCOTT, Kiara. OGILVIE, Shaelyn. VERMA, Maanas. The opposition of the Standing Rock Sioux to the North Dakota Oil Pipeline, USA
26 HUANG, Zhi. KAGEYAMA, Megumi. LAI, Zhli. SHI, Anthony The re-wilding movement in the Heart of Wales - the Cambrian Mountains: What are we learning?
29 HICKS, Claire. NANCE, Eric. LAWSON, Thomas. VADNAIS, Anique. Environmental costs and benefits of supermarket insistence on cosmetically perfect fruits and vegetables.
30 BALAAM, Eric Urban Deer Feeding in BC
31 ALAM, Taukir. GREWAL, Anahita. GRIFFITHS, Connor. STANLEY, Lance Urban architecture to aid bird conservation.
32 Brennan Guse, Sean Downing, joey zhang, Hengameh Rahmati, Chang Brian How street trees can save our cities.
33 LI, Xibo. FAN, YinHao. LIANG, MengJia. RODRIGUEZ, Carolina. Arguments for and against marine aquaria and zoological gardens in urban settings.
35 HENRY, Jason. HUBERMAN, Yehuda. GUAN, Jingyu Raptor nests on telephone poles: encourage or discourage?
36 CLERMONT, Tristan and GAGNÉ, Jean-Benoit Urban opinion massively supports winter feeding of wild deer in urban Chicago. Arguments for and against.
37 BASTOS, Jaylen. ANGUITA, Micaela. KWOK, Jonathan. LUM-TONG, Jordan. Invasive species are an increasing problem in both urban and rural areas. Select four counter-measures and explain why these are or should be priority actions in urban areas.
39 VAHRENKAMP, Diedrich. ROBINSON, Cloe. WONG, Tatiana. SYEDA, Rabea. How are alligator skin handbags in high-fashion stores good for reptile conservation and how are they negative for reptiles?