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Citizen King (DVD) 2004

This story begins on the steps on the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963 when a 34-year-old preacher galvanized millions with his dream for an America free of racism. It comes to a bloody end almost five years later on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. In the years since those events unfolded, the man at the center, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has become a mythic figure, a minister whose oratory is etched into the minds of millions of Americans, a civil rights activist whose words and image are more hotly contested, negotiated and sold than almost anyone else’s in American history.

A Force More Powerful, Part one & Part two (DVD) 2000

Reviewing a century often called the most violent in human history, this series is the story of millions who chose to battle the forces of brutality with nonviolent weapons - and WON. Features stories from the US civil rights movement, India, South Africa, Denmark, Poland and Chile.