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Canadian Physiotherapy Association - Schools with Accreditation Status Canleaf.gif

An association that includes: physiotherapists, physiotherapy support workers, physiotherapy students, and affiliate members who supports the mission of advancing the profession of physiotherapy in order to improve the health of Canadians. Please see the listing of schools on this site.


Current and Future Competency Requirements for Physiotherapists - CPA Canleaf.gif

20 pages; background paper on essential and continuing competencies for physiotherapists 2009.

Exploring Issues Related to the Qualification Recognition of Physical Therapists

24 pages; on assessing qualifications of physiotherapists around the world; includes appendices listing education, title, examination, licenses etc. required for physiotherapists by country.

Continuing Education & Conferences

International World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress

Website aims to provide resources and opportunites, and support the exchange of information across the physical therapy profession globally

Employment & Careers

Working in Canada - Physiotherapists (NOC 3142)Canleaf.gif

Government of Canada web site on work prospects, outlook, unemployment, average hourly earnings, and training for physiotherapists. Aimed at those thinking about entering the profession.

Employment - Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia Canleaf.gif

Short overview of professional role, remuneration, training, licensing, association, and future of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Health Human Resources Canleaf.gif

30 pages prepared by Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators and Canadian Physiotherapy Association on the supply and demand for physiotherapists.

Job Postings

Physiotherapy Vacancies - Physiotherapy Association of BC Canleaf.gif

PABC has a web site with detailed job postings for British Columbia, Canada that one can view. No membership required.

Find a Job -

Includes job seeker resources, job postings, and job seeker profile building tools