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About the Award

UBC Library established the Award in 2010 as the Innovative Dissemination of Research Award. As of 2015, the name of the Award has changed to reflect a broadening of the Award criteria, with an increased emphasis on community engagement and teaching tools.


The Award consists of a framed certificate of recognition and a $2,000 cash prize. At the discretion of the adjudication committee, the award of $2,000 may be split into two prizes of $1,000, in the case of a tie.

Eligibility and Nomination Procedure

All UBC students, faculty and staff may nominate themselves or others as candidates for the Award by completing the nomination form. Include any additional information that you believe the committee would find helpful. Ensure that you have included a mechanism for reviewing the actual material such as a URL or copy of the research project. The nomination deadline for the next award cycle will be January 8, 2016.


The committee will focus on the innovative vehicle used to disseminate knowledge. Nominated projects may encompass a wide range of scholarly activity, such as tools to make original research findings more widely accessible, to enhance teaching, or to achieve knowledge translation.

The adjudication committee will consider nominees on the following criteria:

  • Novelty of the dissemination model.
  • How well the vehicle engages a broad audience.
  • Whether the format encourages new ways of applying knowledge.
  • How the format enhances the audience experience.
  • Projects that are produced or led by undergraduate and graduate students, or by postdoctoral fellows or trainees, will be given special consideration.

Please note that the nominated projects should be completed or underway. The Award will not be given to proposed projects, as it aims to recognize successful dissemination of ideas.

Selection Committee

The University Librarian working with the Scholarly Communications Steering Committee or a subset of that committee will review nominations and select the award winner.

Please note:

  • All information submitted on behalf of the nominee will be kept in strict confidence.
  • The committee will not consider names that are submitted without the complete nomination information.
  • Nominations must indicate the consent of the nominee.
  • An acknowledgement email will be sent to the nominator upon receipt of the completed nomination form.
  • Previously unsuccessful candidates are eligible for re-nomination in a subsequent year; however, files will not be re-activated, new nomination processes must be followed.
  • Previous winners submitting new material are eligible for the award.
  • Nominations will be considered for posthumous recognition.

About cIRcle

cIRcle is UBC’s digital repository for research and teaching materials created by the UBC community and its partners. Materials in cIRcle are openly accessible to anyone on the web and will be preserved for future generations. All Award applicants/nominees are encouraged to deposit their materials in cIRcle, if possible. cIRcle staff will be contacting Award applicants/nominees accordingly.