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How do I retain my rights when working with publishers?

Copyright is actually a bundle of rights, including the rights over reproduction, creation of derivative works, distribution, and public display. Read your publication agreement (sometimes also called a copyright transfer agreement) to see if the publisher allows you to retain rights that are important to you.

Remember that publication agreements are negotiable. If your agreement asks you to forfeit important rights over your work, there are tools available to negotiate a more balanced agreement: The SPARC Canadian Author Addendum and Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine generate PDF documents that may be attached to a publisher agreement, and allow you retain certain rights, including:

  • To reproduce your work for non-commercial purposes.
  • To reuse portions of your article in derivative works.
  • To grant permission for others to make non-commercial use of your work.

For more information about copyright in general, see the UBC copyright site.