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The Upload PDF form is a little different from our other item forms. Please use this to share chapters and articles from published materials. If you downloaded an item from a public website, you will want to use the Web Resource link to hyperlink to the resource.

1. Select Book Chapter, Article or Other (i.e. Report, Government Document, etc). This will change the required fields.

2. Manually enter item bibliographic details. Please supply all fields marked with an asterisk.

  • Book Chapter: Required fields include Title, Chapter Title, Author and Year, and Inclusive Pages
  • Article Title: Required fields include Title, Author, Inclusive Pages, Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Title, and Year
  • Other: Required fields include Title Author, Date of Publication and Inclusive Pages. It may also help us to complete the "Where did you obtain this item?" field.

3. Add any Notes and Tags and modify item dates just like any other course reserve item.

4. Click on "Choose File" and navigate to your file to upload.

5. Click on the Blue Button marked "Click Here First to Store Item." This will generate a URL to the item in the Location box below.

6. Click on Submit.