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LibX is a browser tool which works much like the EZproxy bookmarklet with one notable difference: the bookmarklet is intended only for pages that you're already on and reloads the current URL via EZproxy; LibX, on the other hand, can also activate EZproxy to rewrite new links just prior to clicking on them. This functionality is especially useful for avoiding the bookmarklet error message page described above as proxied access is provided before arriving on the vendor and publisher sites, so that sites can identify that you are licensed for access and therefore won't redirect you to a generic landing page or login screen.

LibX was developed by the University Libraries and the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech and is available for academic libraries to use under the Mozilla Public License for free software. While the toolbar offers a range of functionality, the UBC Library edition of LibX focuses exclusively on providing support for proxying e-resources for off-campus access.