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In order for the EZproxy Bookmarklet to work, you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If you do and are still unable to gain access to a electronic resource, it could be because EZproxy attempted to automatically reload a URL for a page, such as a vendor website error page or a publisher database login page, that does not belong to a resource (i.e. is not actually the page where the article or chapter is hosted). Trying to proxy such a page will therefore not produce the desired result (a link to a resource or full-text download) and instead will redirect you to the following error page:


In these cases, you may be able to access the resource by using your browser's Back button to navigate before a point where you encountered the vendor or publisher landing page (for example, the link to the resource from Google Scholar). Clicking on the link again should then provide you with direct access.

This error page will also occur when attempting to proxy any non-academic resource website, whether it be Google, UBC's homepage, Wikipedia, or Facebook.

You may also receive this error message if UBC Library does not have licensed access to a particular resource or has not added the resource to its EZproxy config file. If you receive an error message and are denied access to an academic resource that you think the Library may have a license for, please contact the Library's Technical Services Department via the Electronic Resources: Questions and Comments form.