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Finding Specific Permitted Uses for UBC eResources
This is a guide designed to help UBC Students, Faculty and Staff find out the permitted educational uses of an eResource licensed by the UBC library.

  • If you want to find the permitted uses for a Journal start with the Journal Title search.
  • If you want to find the permitted uses for a Database start with the Indexes & Databases search.
  • If you need to find the permitted uses for an eBook, please contact


  • Access Problems - Library Help Form
  • Licensed Resources' Permissions -
  • Copyright Questions -
  • Course Reserves (print and electronic) -

Permissions by Journal

To find permitted uses for a specific journal, enter the name of the journal into the Journal Title search.

The results page from your search shows the different locations you can access a journal, in both print and electronic formats. In the example below, the same resource is offered through multiple providers – each of which might allow you to use articles from this journal in different ways:

To find out how you can use the materials from any of these results, click on the PermittedUse.jpg button to display the full Permissions page.

Permissions by Database

To find permitted uses for a specific index or database enter the name of the index or database into the Indexes & Databases search.

The results page from your search shows some basic information about the resource. Click the WhatUseIsAllowed.jpg button to find detailed permissions for this resource:

Permissions by e-Book

E-Book permissions can often be complicated, as e-book platforms can have more than one license attached to the database. To find out the permissions for a specific e-book please contact

Other Notes/Issues/FAQ

  • When looking for the permitted uses for index (not full text) databases, keep in mind that the permissions are for the content in that database only, that is, the indexes and abstracts.
  • If there is a UBC E-Link button that links to the full text of an article, that article is found in a different resource and is thus subject to a different license and has different permitted uses.
  • Make sure to check the Public Notes section at the bottom of the Permissions Page for any specific instructions (including citation requirements or instructions for reusing data).