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Film / Video / Documentary

  • Blacks in Canada A CBC Primetime documentary aired 1993 About 15 minutes. FC106.B5 J654 1971 CASS (EDUCATION LIBRARY, UBC)
  • Brand, Dionne, and Ginny Stikeman, Directors 1992?) Sisters in the Struggle. NFB FC106.B5 S478 1990 Video (KOERNER LIBRARY, UBC)
  • Fatona, Andrea, and Cornelia Wyngaarden. (1992?) Hogan’s Alley FC 3850.B6 H642 1994 (KOERNER LIBRARY, UBC)
  • Jacob, Selwyn, Producer. (1984) We Remember Amber Valley 16 mm 24 min. Fi(l)mwest Associates. FC 3694.4 W4 1984 (EDUCATION LIBRARY, UBC)
  • (Jacob, Selwyn, Director. The Road Taken ?////)
  • Hamilton, Sylvia, Director (1993) Speak It: From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia. 29 min. NFB. FC 2350.B5 S632 1992 (EDUCATION LIBRARY, UBC)
  • Hamilton, Sylvia and Claire Prieto (1989) Black Mother Black Daughter. VHS 29 min. NFB FC 2350.B5 B43 1989 (EDUCATION LIBRARY, UBC)
  • Prieto, Claire and Dionne Brand (1989) Older, Stronger and Wiser. VHS 28 min. NFB FC106.B5 042 1989 (KOERNER LIBRARY, UBC)
  • Speaks, Almeta, Director (1994?) Hymn to Freedom: Blacks in Canada? A four part documentary devoting one hour each to Introduction, Montreal, Ontario and the West respectively. FC 106.B6 H95 1994 (EDUCATION LIBRARY, UBC)

Please note that the National Film Board of Canada has produced a fine collection of biographies, documentaries and films on African Canadians