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ADCLP uses MediaWiki, the same wiki sofware that powers wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

A tutorial on MediaWiki's markup language is available on the MetaWiki site.

The (somewhat) standard entry for a work is described below. The standard will, no doubt, evolve as more and more people become involved in the project.

Page names

Pages are generally named for individual works, including leading articles and subtitles.

The Civil Rights Movement : the history of Black people in America, 1930-1980

Titles of works

Appear as the first item on the page, in bold (enclosed in 3 apostrophes), with the name of the author(s) and illustrator(s) after a forward slash.

'''Little Louis and the jazz band : the story of Louis / by Angela Shelf
Medearis ; illustrated by Anna Rich.'''


The next element in the entry. Some summaries have been contributed by individuals, some are taken from Library of Congress catalogue records. Many works do not have a summary. Summaries begin with a second-level heading.

== Summary ==
Presents, in the first person, the contemporary seven day holiday in which Afro-Americans
celebrate their roots and cultural heritage from Africa.


Some works have keywords assigned to them, sometimes derived from their catalogue records. If a work doesn't have keywords, or should have different ones, please feel free to change them! The keywords section also begins with a second-level heading, like Summary.

== Keywords ==
African Americans, Family life, Holidays, Kwanzaa, Social life and customs

Reading Levels

What most works need are appropriate grade and reading levels. This is the single hardest element to collect and express. Generally, we've created a second-level heading for them, and given both age ranges and grade ranges, when available.

== Reading Levels ==
Ages 6 - 8 / Grades 1 - 3

Publication History

We have tried to give as much of a work's publication history as possible, in ascending date order. We haven't stuck with any one citation style, but have tried to give the basic elements. One thing that is sort of neat is the linking to OpenWorldcat records from ISBNs and OCLC numbers. These are hand-coded and require a little more work, but they allow people to find our which libraries in their area have items of interest.

== Publication History ==
*New York : Harper & Row, 1973. 31 p. : col. illus. ; 22 cm.
ISBN [ 0060200847] (lib. bdg.)
[ 0060200839] (trade cloth)
OCLC [ 776395]
*New York, N.Y. : HarperCollinsPublishers, 1987. 31 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm.
ISBN [ 0064432696] (pbk.)
[ 0060200847] (lib. bdg.)
[ 0060200839] (trade)
OCLC [ 43643459]
*New York : HarperTrophy, 1992. 31 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm.
ISBN [ 0064432696] (pbk.)
[ 0060200847] (lib. bdg.)
[ 0060200839]
OCLC [ 25852606]

Each publication begins with an asterisk, as part of an unnumbered list.


Categories are what allow us to bring together works that share a particular facet. These come at the end of the entry. We have a number of "standard" categories (year first published, author, illustrator, ages, grades, language), but these are based on the information we collected earlier in the project. Nothing would prevent someone adding categories based on the keywords associated with a work, or even in place of keywords.

[[Category:ADCLP_Works from 1973]] [[Category:ADCLP_Arnold Adoff]] [[Category:ADCLP_Emily Arnold McCully]]
[[Category:ADCLP_Age 6]][[Category:ADCLP_Age 7]][[Category:ADCLP_Age 8]][[Category:ADCLP_Grade 1]
[[Category:ADCLP_Grade 2]][[Category:ADCLP_Grade 3]][[Category:ADCLP_Works in English]]

Note that each category goes in double-brackets, because they're internal links.

Rather than simply listing a range of ages in the categories, we decided to list each year and grade as a separate category. That seemed to us the most efficient way of finding works for an 8-year old or for a Grade 3 class.

To make things a little more complicated, and so that works file correctly on their catgegory pages, we've used the concept of a filing title in works with leading articles. Put the first 30 or so characters of the filing title after a pipe (vertical bar), following the category name:

The Civil Rights Movement : the history of Black people in America, 1930-1980