Learning Commons:Student Orientation/Workplan 2016

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Priorities for summer term 2016

  • Site refresh
  • Homepage redesign
  • Student toolkits
  • top tips
  • videos
  • incorporating wellness and new to UBC content
  • Tutoring calendar
  • Academic Integrity resources (Nick and Morgan)
  • Resource Guides
  • Site quality assurance
  • Assignment calculator (Morgan)
  • Learning and memory inforgraphic (Cindy and Morgan)
  • Weeding

A brainstorm about priorities for the winter term 2016:

Review of current work

  • YouTube review: Students Talk Playlist
  • streeter style interviews from a range of students (not just student leaders). Broad range of perspectives likely most appealing to our audience.
  • looking at options for new video series: Lifehacks; rate my prof (prof's reading reviews and speaking to the content?)
  • Screencasts on common issues faced by the desk team (booking rooms, etc.)

New ideas

  • involve web team
  • adding elements of humor/entertainment to video resources (new playlists for LifeHacks or Profs Reading Ratings)
  • collaborate with AMS - open resources campaign (#textbook broke) - collaborate through social media (Twitter, etc)
  • have some fun campaign - how might we collaborate?
  • can we use the pair strategy for interviews? students accessing academic support services.
  • need good questions: What makes a good prof? Highest viewed video asked the question: what's the hardest course you've taken and what did you learn?
  • what have you learned from failure? can we do this with profs.?