How To Migrate Your Redirection Links to the New Safe Redirect Manager Plugin

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As you may be aware, there is a change happening to one of the plugins that is currently being used. If you are unaware or do not know what that means for you individually, I will outline this below:
(Here is the link to the notice on the UBC CMS Site:

UBC CMS will be removing the “Redirection” plugin and it will be replaced with an alternative plugin (“Safe Redirect Manager”) that does the same thing, but is more robust to accommodate the scale of the UBC sites.

The new plugin is available now for you to activate and get started with the migration process.

This change means that you will need to manually reapply your redirection links in the new plugin.

Firstly, if there are multiple website administrators in your department/unit please coordinate with each other to ensure that you are not duplicating efforts.

  1. Login to your website and go to Plugins
  2. Activate the new plugin titled “Safe Redirect Manager”
  3. You will need to manually recreate each redirection link:
    a. Open two tabs in your web browser. In one tab go to the “Redirection” plugin page (old plugin), in the other tab go to the “Safe Redirect Manager” plugin page (new plugin). Both are located under the “TOOLS”. * You may need to refresh your page if you just activated the plugin and do not see it under the “Tools” section
    b. Edit the first redirect in the list on the old plugin page. Copy the “Source URL”
    c. Toggle to the other tab (the new plugin page) Click the “Create Redirect Rule” button at the top of the page. Paste the source url link into the “Redirect From” textbox
    d. Toggle back to the old plugin page and copy the “Target URL”
    e. Toggle back to the new plugin page and paste the target url into the “Redirect To” text box
    f. Change the HTTP Status Code drop down to “301 Moved Permanently”
    g. Click the “Publish” button (blue button on the right side)
    h. Toggle back to the old plugin page and DELETE the redirect you just copied over *Please note that you must delete the redirect from the old plugin immediately after adding it to the new plugin to avoid the possibility of creating an infinite looping issue.
    i. Repeat steps B thru H until you have copied over all the redirections
  4. Deactivate the old plugin titled “Redirection”
  5. Voila! High five you are done.