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Documentaries are arranged from newest releases to older items in descending order

Eating Alaska (DVD) 2008

A journey into regional food traditions, such as hunting and gathering, in a quest for safe, healthy, meaningful and sustainable food becomes key to breaking away from the industrial food system. An exploration of how Alaskan Natives and non-Natives are eating.

Tableland (DVD) 2007

A culinary expedition into small-scale sustainable food production across North America. From the orchards of BC to the inner city gardens of Chicago, Tableland showcases successful production methods of local and seasonal food from field to plate.

Architecture to Zucchini (DVD) 2005

An exploration of socially responsible businesses and the passionate leaders who drive them. Through interviews and tours, these innovators reveal the impact of merging economic, social and environmental considerations in their business plans and operations.

We Feed the World (DVD) 2005 This is a film about food and globalization, a film about scarcity and plenty. It ponders and invokes dialogue around the question, If the food produced on our planet could feed all six billion people, then why do almost one billion remain in starvation today?

Bullshit (DVD) 2003

In this documentary, we follow environmental activist and nuclear physicist Vandana Shiva for a period of two years, a whirlwind tour from her organic farm at the foot of the Himalayas to the summit of the World Trade Organization in Mexico to a protest outside the European Patents Office in Munich. Here, in these institutions of power, Shiva does battle with the proponents of globalization, multi-national corporations like Monsanto, an American bio-tech company manufacturing genetically modified foods (whom Shiva holds responsible for a rash of farmers’ suicides) and Coca-Cola, accused of depleting and contaminating groundwater in India....Bullshit elucidates some of the most pressing social and technological questions of the 21st century - can genetically modified foods alleviate world hunger? is it legal for corporations to patent natural crops? can indigenous knowledge inform modern genetic engineering? -- as it takes you to the frontlines of the war over globalization