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Once your WeBWorK course is created through Canvas (see WeBWorK/Canvas integration for instructions), you will have all your class list synchronized once users actively click on the Canvas external tool link and access the WeBWorK course. In some case, you may want to update a field for many/all students, e.g. section information. Please note that only certain fields can be updated this way, those fields are:

  • Section
  • Recitation
  • Comment

The rest of the fields are synchronized with Canvas. If you change them, they will be overwritten by the next update. If a student needs to change the name or email address, they need to do it in SIS/SSC. Then those update will be synchronized to Canvas/WeBWorK automatically.

The following steps show you how to do it:

  • Download the class list from WeBWorK
    • Login as instructor and go to Classlist Editor2
    • Select "Export all users to a new file named: ANY_FILENAME.lst" and click on "Take Action".
  • Then go to "File Manager" and find the exported file
  • Click on "Download" button. You should get a file with classlist.
  • Input the data
    • The downloaded file will be a LST file (a file with a .lst extension). To open it in Excel or other tools, you need to rename it from .lst to .csv
    • You can either manually input your desired data or use an Excel formula such as vlookup. Instructions on how to upload sections in WeBWorK using VLOOKUP are available here.
    • Once you finish, remember to change the file extension back to .lst because WeBWorK only recognizes lst files.
  • Upload it back to WeBWorK
    • Go to "File Manager" in WeBWorK
    • Click on "Choose File", select the file you have processed (you may overwrite the exported file) and click on "Upload"
    • Go to "Classlist Editor2"
    • Select "Import users from file YOUR_FILE.lst, replacing any existing users and adding any new users" and click on "Take Action"

Your classlist should be updated.

For further details about the classlist file format: