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When using the WeBWorK/Canvas grade sync functionality, WeBWorK will push assignment grades to the Canvas gradebook about once every eight hours. Any partial grades will be overwritten.

When using this functionality, the best practice is to:

  • Link each WeBWorK assignment to a unique Canvas assignment
  • Have students access each specific WeBWorK assignment exclusively through Canvas. Bypassing either step above will not sync grades between WeBWorK and the Canvas Gradebook

To encourage students to use the individual assignment links in order to ensure grade sync, it is recommended to unpublish the initial general WeBWorK link used to create the WeBWorK course initially.

Unpublish general WeBWorK link in Canvas

Creating Individual WeBWorK Assignment Links In Canvas

To create individual WeBWorK assignment links in your Canvas course:

  • Create your homework set(s) in WeBWorK
  • Log into Canvas
  • From your homepage, click Assignments (1) on the course navigation menu
  • Click on +Assignment (2)
Create Canvas assignment

  • Give the assignment link a name (i.e. WeBWorK Assignment01 (3))
  • Enter the point value (4) of the WeBWorK homework set
  • Select External Tool (5) from the dropdown menu
  • Click Find (6) ***Please note that you must click “find” to properly add the link in your course.
Canvas Webwork assignment details
  • Scroll down the list of External Tools and click WeBWork and then Select (7)
WeBWorK external link - Canvas

  • In the URL field you need to add the following parameter to create a link to a specific WeBWorK assignment: set name
  • the homework set name is where you enter the specific name of the homework set you are creating a link for
  • For example, if your homework set is called HW1, then the URL should read
  • Check the box next to Load This In A New Tab (8)
    • Note: If you skip this step then WeBWorK will not sync correctly with Canvas.
  • Set a due date for the assignment link (recommended that the due date be the same as the WeBWorK homework set's closing date).
  • Click Save and Publish

Important Notes

  • An assignment needs to be published in Canvas in order for students to be able to view and access the assignment.
  • To edit a student's WeBWorK assignment grade, edit the grade in WeBWorK and not Canvas as WeBWork’s grade sync will override the grade change in Canvas.