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Creating your Course and Setting Up Assignments via Canvas LTI Integration

  1. Access your Canvas course
  2. Create an Assignment
    1. Pick the "External Tool" option
    2. Pick peerScholar V3 from the list. The URL is
    3. Be sure to check off "Load This Tool In A New Tab"
    4. Set the number of points it is out of
      Assignment settings needed for a peerScholar assignment in Canvas
  3. Clicking the link the first time will create your course and assignment in peerScholar and the gradebook column in Canvas
  4. Each assignment can be managed in peerScholar once set up, including syncing grades back to Canvas
    PeerScholar V3.JPG
  5. Assignments can be copied within a course or between courses, provided the creator has teacher-level Canvas access or TA-level Canvas access
    peerScholar V3 - screenshot showing how to copy an assignment
  6. Your students will get added to your peerScholar course the first time they click a peerScholar assignment link from Canvas