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UBC on iTunes U is a place to archive and distribute UBC-related audio and video content through Apple's popular iTunes platform. Instructors can request their material be included as part of the UBC content.

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Getting started How do I get started?

Any UBC community member can request the ability to publish content on UBC's official iTunes U space. New contributors can:

  1. Create an Apple ID to use on iTunes U.
  2. Go to the iTunes U Course Manager Portal to begin creating, uploading, and managing your content.
  3. Email Joe Zerdin at with your request and Apple ID. Your account will then be affiliated with UBC's iTunes U space.
  4. Email again when new material is ready to be published via the UBC space.

Note: Apple to discontinue iTunes U at the end of 2021

Available support What support is available?

Contact directly with questions. Support is also provided by the Learning Technology Hub.