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Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing is an application for moderating classes, meetings, or other group collaborations where participants can share whiteboards and screens, chat by voice or text, and engage in other ways like taking polls and answering questions.

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Getting started How do I get started?


Consider how you will use web conferencing first. Some ideas:

  • Conduct Lectures and Presentations: Without the constraints of a physical space, your lectures and presentations can hold as many people who are interested in attending. You can also co-facilitate with a colleague from another institution, invite guests, take polls and surveys, moderate discussions in smaller breakout chat rooms, and share a recording of your presentation later with those who were not able to attend.
  • Facilitate Project Meetings: Schedule meetings without worrying about travel arrangements or booking rooms. Take advantage of the interactive whiteboard to brainstorm and work out ideas, share documents, and enable the session recording to have an archive of your meeting. You can have a maximum of 6 video participants at the same time.
  • Hold Office Hours: Hold online office hours at any time of day. You can hold open discussions or bring students into private, one-on-one sessions by using breakout rooms.
Figure 1


Instructor Self Service in Canvas:

  1. In your Canvas course, under your course navigation, click on Settings (See Figure 1).
  2. Click on the Navigation tab.
  3. Look for Collaborate Ultra and click on the hamburger icon to Enable it or use your mouse to drag Collaborate Ultra to the top to make it visible under your course navigation.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Refresh your page and you will see Collaborate Ultra appear in your course navigation.

Collaborate Ultra Stand Alone Access:

Request access by filling out this form: Learning Tool Setup Request Form

After receiving access, follow these steps to set up a conference session through the online portal:

  1. Log into Collaborate Ultra.
  2. Under Sessions, click Create Session on the top left of the page.
  3. Fill in session details and click Save.
  4. Click on the name of your new session to see the Guest link which can be copied and distributed to your session participants.

What tools can I use with this?

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing can be used on its own through the Collaborate Ultra interface. Additionally, Collaborate Ultra can be integrated with Canvas, which allows you to create sessions & review recordings.

Available support What support is available?

Contact with questions. Support is provided by the Learning Technology Hub and individual instructional support units.

Collaborate also offers a "24/7 Technical Support" line that is available to all users, including participants and moderators. This line can be quite handy at resolving technical issues during a live session:

  • North America, Toll-Free: 1-(877)-382-2293
  • International, Non-Toll-Free: 1-(606)-274-2370