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Note: Proctorio has been funded through December 2020.

  1. Proctorio requires the Chrome web browser. Make sure you are using Chrome and have the latest version installed:
  2. Install the Proctorio Chrome extension:
  3. Follow the detailed guide on the Keep Teaching website to set up your Proctorio assessment

Learn More:

  • Proctorio System requirements:
  • Proctorio itself provides basic FAQs as well as detailed system requirements for students.
  • Proctorio requires the instructional team (instructors and their TAs) and students to use the latest Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio Chrome extension installed. Both are freely available online. Exams recorded by Proctorio must be created and delivered in Canvas.
  • An important requirement for students is that they must take a Proctorio exam on a desktop or full laptop computer (tablets or smartphones are not allowed) which has a working web camera and microphone. They must complete the exam in a private location with a good Internet connection.
  • We recommend you create a Practice Quiz for students to take at least a week (preferably more) prior to your exam to ensure their system is ready to use with Proctorio.
  • Proctorio cannot be enabled on New Quizzes in Canvas; Proctorio only works with Classic Quizzes.
  • How to create a Classic Quiz in Canvas