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The One-Button Studio is a special video-capture room where instructors can easily record lectures and presentations with the touch of a button and leave with a finished video file. One-Button Studio is free to use for UBC faculty and staff, courtesy of UBC Studios.

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How do I get started?

The One-Button Studio is a designated space within UBC Studios, located in the University Services Building at 2329 West Mall. To book a recording session, email or call 604.822.9800.

You need to bring a USB drive and a laptop with your presentation content (if applicable) to your booking time. At the start of your session, you plug the USB drive into the designated spot, then attach your laptop to the projector and turn on the projector. Once your presentation content is loaded behind you, you simply press the big button to start recording and press it again to stop.

The video is automatically saved onto your attached USB drive, and you will remove this with the file once the recording is done. There is no need to adjust the lighting or sound, as the room is fully setup for optimal recording conditions already.

Watch the Demo

What support is available?

Support is provided by UBC Studios and the Learning Technology Hub.