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Lightboard is a lecture-capture tool that allows instructors to produce short videos while writing or drawing on a board of illuminated glass in front of them. Lightboard and its related studio services (including studio space, video production, and basic editing) are free to use for UBC faculty and staff, courtesy of UBC Studios.

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How are faculty using this tool?


English 321 uses Lightboard to produce short videos

Lightboard’s lecture-capture technology allows instructors to produce short video productions that include dynamic visual aids such as movie clips, graphics, and animations. Ina Biermann, an instructor for English 321, recently tried out Lightboard in her January 2015 course


How do I get started?


Using Lightboard is like drawing on a traditional whiteboard, except you face your "students" (the camera) and write on an illuminated board of glass in front of you using neon markers. Light is reflected off the markers, creating a visually appealing "floating-text" concept, and the camera flips the image so the text is readable in your video. This is especially useful when presenting visually-oriented concepts and theories that involve graphics, equations, and diagrams. You can also use graphic overlays or backgrounds to annotate and reference during your presentation.

Watch the Demo


Lightboard is kept in UBC Studios, located in the University Services Building at 2329 West Mall. When you book time at UBC Studios to use Lightboard, all lights, camera, monitors, microphones, and markers for the board are included and set up for you, and support staff assist you in recording.

Simply email or call 604.822.9800 to book the Lightboard and studio (or to set up an in-person demo time). Please indicate in your email if you will be using special graphics in front or behind you during the video recording, and staff will send you the technical specifications for those images.

For additional tips on using Lightboard for lecture capture, see the community-sourced Do-It-Yourself (DIY) toolkit for Lightboard.

What support is available?

Feel free to book a demo session or set up a studio time by emailing Support is provided by UBC Studios and the Learning Technology Hub.