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Crowdmark will be funded centrally at UBC until at least December 31st, 2021.

Crowdmark itself provides detailed documentation for getting started.

To send a request for the LT Hub to set up Crowdmark in a course please see:

First-time users should note that:

  • Using Crowdmark introduces changes to current paper-related workflows, in which instructors add a code to assessments before printing and scan the assessments after completion. Instructors planning to use paper-based assessments will want to find out the capacities of their in-house printers and scanners ahead of time, and consider off-site options for one or both of these processes, if local tools won’t suffice.
  • For paper-based assessments, instructors may also want to consider involving teaching assistants in printing and scanning to expedite the processes. Additionally, counting and sorting completed assessments (by number) before scanning can help ensure a smoother process, providing a check on the final uploaded count and a faster way to reference hard copies, if needed.
  • Crowdmark includes specific shortcuts to help save time in marking. Instructors working with teaching assistants should plan to train them how to utilize these shortcuts to mark efficiently in the application. Instructors should also be extremely clear during TA training sessions about expectations around feedback left for students (how much, how often, what kind of content), as students may expect more detailed feedback using this digital medium.
  • Instructors with teaching assistants will also want to rely on more than the basic Crowdmark stats to see how TAs are doing with their marking (e.g., checking on the feedback individual TAs are leaving in the application), ensuring expectations set in the beginning are being met as marking progresses.