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This documentation will show you how to:

  • Reformat the excel file that you have downloaded from the Canvas Gradebook so that you will be able to upload your grades to Faculty Service Center
  • Upload your grades to Faculty Service Center

Effective Practices

  • Before you upload the files to Faculty Service Center, double check that the grades are correct. This is very important because any errors submitted to the Faculty Service Center need to have sign off from Instructor, Department Head, the Dean and Director or Designate(s) to be changed.

Step 1: Download file from the Gradebook

  1. See the instructions on: How to Download Grades from the Gradebook

Step 2: Reformat file

Once you have downloaded the CSV file from the Gradebook, you will have to reformat the file so that it will be accepted by Faculty Service Center.

  1. After you have downloaded the CSV file from the Grade Center, open the file (the following steps use Microsoft Excel).
  2. Reformat the file (i.e., add, remove, and rename columns) downloaded from Canvas so that the first row of the file has these exact column headers: Session, Campus, Student Number, Subject, Course, Section, Percent Grade, Standing and Standing Reason
    The screenshot above is a sample format of the file in Excel. You will need to have the exact column headers as highlighted above.
    • The columns can be arranged in any order
    • Each column heading is necessary, even if you are not entering data into a column.
    • Use plain numbers or text only. Do not include formulas or images.
      As shown in the screenshot, under Category, select Text
    • If your Session starts with 0** (For example: 001), excel will remove the 0. In this case, change the column format to number to a text column. To do this, right click on the session column> Select Format Cells> Under Category, Select Text>Press Ok.
    • Enter student grade information into the Percent Grade, Standing, or Standing Reason columns. Leave cells blank if the value is not known. You can enter the information into your file or directly into the FSC at a later date.
    • Check the list to ensure it matches the student list in the Faculty Service Centre. Make sure that each student appears as a separate row in your file.
  3. Make sure the file extension of your file is .xls format (Excel with only one worksheet), .csv (Comma Delimited), or .txt (Tab Delimited) format.
  4. Double check if the grades are correct

Step 3: Upload file

If you do not enter the grades on the file, you will be able to enter the grades manually later. If you have entered the grades on the file, double check if the grades are correct.

  1. Access the Faculty Service Center
  2. From the top menu, click on Upload Grades
  3. At the upload grade window, choose Browse.
  4. Find your file and click ok. Then select Upload Files.
  5. After you have read the messages, click Continue with upload button.
  6. Press Submit.

Change the grades after you have submitted to Faculty Service Center

If you wish to change your grades after you have submitted your grades to Faculty Service Center, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Faculty Service Center
  2. Under Requested Class list, click on the Change Grades button.
  3. Select the student that you would like to change his/her grades
  4. Enter the reason for change and the new grade or standing.
  5. Click on the Download Grades Change Form Button
  6. Print and Sign the form and forward to appropriate people for approval. The form will require signatures of:
    1. Instructor
    2. Department Head
    3. The Dean, Director or Designate (of the Faculty offering the course)
    4. The Dean, Director or Designate (of the student’s Faculty, if different from above)


If you need more help on how to use Faculty Service Center, see the resources by Faculty Service Center Help Documentation