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Collaborative Learning Annotation System (CLAS) is a specialized online media player for recording, sharing, annotating, and commenting on videos. Annotations and comments for the videos are timeline-based, so students and instructors can leave feedback exactly where it applies.

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How are faculty using this tool?

UseCase MarinaMilnerBolotin.jpg

CLAS for mini-teaching by Teacher-Candidates

Marina Milber-Bolotin, Assistant Professor of Faculty of Education, has her students use CLAS to upload short (less than 15 min) videos and then to provide constructive feedback to each other.


How do I get started?

CLAS has its own website, maintained by the Faculty of Arts.

The website includes comprehensive documentation on the tool, including:

If you are new to using CLAS, log in to with your CWL and request for a course to be created; if you are already set up in CLAS, you can log in directly. (Your faculty may have a customized CLAS site that is managed separately from the general site used by most UBC courses. If you know your faculty’s CLAS admin, please write to them first.)

Once you have a CLAS course, the next step is to create and upload your videos for feedback. Note that videos uploaded to CLAS are stored on a secure server at UBC and instructors are able to control who has access to which videos and CLAS features. For help in putting together videos to upload, consult UBC Studio's media maker's site and the community-sourced DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video toolkit.

What tools can I use with this?

The CLAS interface can be embedded in Canvas and on UBC Blogs.

What support is available?

CLAS is a tool developed within the UBC Faculty of Arts. Support is provided by Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology, the Learning Technology Hub, and other individual instructional support units.


Arts ISIT maintains a FAQ list on the CLAS website.