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What is i>clicker GO?

i>clicker GO (formerly web>clicker) allows students to answer regular clicker questions using their handheld device or laptop. Upon purchasing an access code, students can log in with a mobile app or in their browser and respond to the same questions as students using physical iClicker remotes.

Responding to clicker questions in the Android app

Responding to clicker questions in a web browser Responding to clicker questions in the iOS app


Thinking of using i>clicker GO in your course?

i>clicker GO is a web-based solution that allows students to use their mobile device to answer regular clicker questions. it also has the ability to work alongside the i>clicker remotes, so instructors can start a polling with students using either i>clicker GO or the physical i>clickers.
There are several things that you may want to consider before you start using GO.

  • Students will need to purchase a registration code. A 180 day registration code costs $9.99.
  • i>clicker GO requires internet connection in your classroom. Check your room to make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • i>clicker GO is marginally slower than the regular clicker software, with a short pause after polling is stopped. This occurs so that the web votes can be collected along with the usual clicker responses.

Contact if you have any questions regarding i>clicker GO.

Setting up i>clicker GO

1. Download the appropriate version of the clicker software. Version 6.4.2 or newer is required to run i>clicker GO.
2. Open the iClicker application in the clicker folder and create a new course.
3. "Choose" the course and click "My Settings".
Click "My Settings"

4. Set up your course in iClicker for use with Canvas.
5. Under the "i>clicker GO" tab click the "Edit i>clicker GO Settings" button at the bottom (See image below).
6. Fill in all fields. Set the university zip code to V6T1Z4. Click "Lookup" and choose UBC from the drop-down list.
7. Select the "Allowed" radio button and click Submit.
Click "Edit i>clicker GO Settings"
Fill in all fields

8. Click Set for Course. Students can now use i>clicker GO to vote in your class. Enabled courses are designated with an asterisk in the iClicker application.
  • Note: You must have an internet connection to use i>clicker GO in your course. You will not be able to start polling or open the floating toolbar unless you are connected to the internet.


Your instructor must enable i>clicker GO for you to use it. Check with your instructor about enabling i>clicker GO before you purchase a subscription.

Thinking of using i>clicker GO?


  • Any device with an internet connection can be used to answer regular clicker questions. This includes smartphones, laptops, and tablets
  • There is an app for iOS and Android. Other devices can access i>clicker GO through a web browser
  • Eliminates the need to bring a physical clicker to class
  • Free two week trial available - if you've forgotten your existing clicker, try this out as a temporary replacement


  • Your device must have a stable internet connection to use i>clicker GO
  • Battery life of your device will be shorter than that of a regular clicker
  • You can't re-sell or share i>clicker GO like you can with a physical clicker remote
  • i>clicker GO takes a little more time to send a vote than a regular clicker. The delay is about one or two seconds, so be sure to factor this in if you frequently vote at the last moment.
Price Comparison
iClicker New from bookstore: $44.95 CAD

Used from bookstore: $33.70 CAD

i>clicker GO 6-month subscription: $9.99 USD

1-year subscription: $15.99 USD

2-year subscription: $21.99 USD

4-year subscription: $31.99 USD

Registering for i>clicker GO

  1. Make sure your instructor is using i>clicker GO in their course! i>clicker GO will not work unless your instructor has enabled it.
  2. You can register through the app or online in a web browser. To register online, click the "Create a New Account" link at
  3. Click "Start Free Trial" to create a i>clicker GO account.
  4. Fill in all fields. Make sure that you enter your UBC student number for the Student ID field. For School ZIP/Postal Code use: V6T1Z4. Click "Lookup" after entering it and select 'University of British Columbia' from the drop-down menu.
Student Registration Link

Start Free Trial University Zip Code

You are now registered for i>clicker GO. You can use GO to answer iClicker questions in class.

Using i>clicker GO

  1. In class, use the i>clicker GO app on your mobile phone or log in with your laptop at Enter your activation code or select "Upgrade Later".
  2. Choose your instructor and your course. When your instructor begins a question, i>clicker GO will prompt you to enter your answer on your device.

Instructor Select Course Select Answering Questions

DO NOT USE ICLICKER GO AND YOUR ICLICKER FOR THE SAME QUESTION. If you answer the same question with both your physical clicker and your i>clicker GO account, you may not receive grades for your response.