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Pre-tenured Faculty Program

The Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG) offers an ongoing development program for pre-tenured faculty members. The program is meant to support you in your teaching and learning endeavours, research projects and administrative duties.

The program’s initiatives reflect the suggestions of junior faculty members who have been key contributors. You will notice that the program includes interactive workshops, studio sessions, one-on-one consultations, writing groups and social events. The program addresses issues that are specific to teaching and learning, to the supervision of Graduate Students, to research and to more personal life issues. It attempts to use a holistic approach, to be highly participatory, collaborative and modular. The program is optional, of course, and it is not meant to make extra work for you. It is designed with the intention of making things easier and helping you in your position as a junior faculty member at UBC.

Pre-Tenured Faculty Program objectives are to: 1. Learn about your administrative responsibilities at UBC; 2. Develop as a teacher and learner and build a Teaching Portfolio; 3. Set career goals and clarify yours and your department’s expectations; 4. Receive support and encouragement from colleagues; 5. Learn how to be a successful graduate student supervisor (including learning about FoGS’ rules and regulations).

Recent Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

New Faculty Teaching Guide

Come by TAG and pick up the New Faculty Guide for an overview of common teaching and learning concerns. TAG staff wrote the New Faculty Guide with the intention to providing a user-friendly, to-the-point handbook to help you get started in the classroom. The guide is available in hard copy (at TAG) or in pdf format here

If you would like to be involved, contact Luisa Canuto

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