Documentaries about Anti-racism and Social Change at the UBCO Library

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A Guide to Documentaries about Anti-racism and Social Change

This guide is organized by issue, by experience and sometimes by population groups that have experienced certain forms of racism. In making this list, I know that I have not represented all members of all groups that have experienced racism, exploitation, discrimination and harrassment. It is quite sobering to glance at the extent of this list and still know that there are people, and population groups, that are not represented within it.

At the same time, I am hoping that this DVD & VHS guide may increase awareness around important topics for those who are interested in anti-racism and social justice. Because this is a wiki page, any UBCO student or faculty should be able to add and edit this guide where ever they see fit. Just as these documentaries can open up the door to conversation around anti-racism, I hope that anyone who stumbles across this wiki may also feel comfortable to change and challenge anything within it that they see as problematic.

I have chosen to categorize the UBCO Library Holdings in much the same way the library itself does, by population group. I am still wary of the way that categorizing in this fashion may re-inscribe ideas that it is possible to essentialize a collective group of people by a singular aspect of their identity, such as their cultural heritage. I am hoping that anyone who chooses to access these materials understands the "Danger of a Single Story," as novelist Chimamanda Adichie calls it.

Your input is appreciated!

Thanks, Melissa Unruh

UBCO Library Anti-Racism & Social Change Holdings

African-American Experiences

African-Canadian Experiences

Anti-racism and Education

Anti-racism through Dialogue

Armenian-Canadian Experiences

Caribbean-Canadian Experiences

Chinese-Canadian Experiences

Contemporary Human Rights Issues

Curriculum Collection (For Children)

Deconstructing Race

Films - Motion Pictures

First Nations Experiences in Canada

Food Production & Sustainability

Globalization & Inequality

Indo-Canadian Experiences

Immigration Issues

Japanese-Canadian Experiences


Local Issues

Media & Culture

Migrant Labour

Music and Resistance

Muslim Experiences in Canada

Non-Violence & Peace Studies


South Africa & Apartheid

Whiteness & Privilege

Workshop Guides & Materials

Workshop DVDs