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Comprehensive Index of Agricultural Products for Sale on Galiano


Organization name: Galiano Community Food Program

Mission of organization: The Galiano Community Food Program, part of the Galiano Club, builds community by growing, preparing, preserving and sharing food. The Food Program nourishes and strengthens island food security through learning and sharing skills. The Food Program values collaboration, inclusiveness and connections, healthy growing practices, sustainability and equal food access for all. One of the priorities of the Food Program is to provide low-cost, healthy meals to the community. For more information visit:

Description of project opportunity: Galiano has numerous growers and producers of food and value-added food items. In an effort to support Galiano’s sustainability and agricultural economy, we need a comprehensive index of agricultural items for sale on the island and how to go about purchasing them. Through a combination of phone and in-person interviews, online research, and possibly site visits, students will prepare the comprehensive index, ensuring that it is up to date. Students will find it beneficial to interview: local store-keepers, the Saturday Market coordinator(s) past and present, Food Program personnel, lead growers on the island, Island producers of value-added products. Students should also consult the Economic Development Commission website concerning Southern Gulf Islands agriculture:!food--agriculture/c13rp

Skills required: A passion for sustainable communities, thoroughness, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and a keen interest in agriculture and commerce.

Skills to be developed through the opportunity: Knowledge of small sustainable communities, interview skills, research skills

Project location: Combination of work done from Vancouver (phone interview and online research), and on Galiano through site visits. There is no public transportation available on Galiano. Students will need access to a vehicle and the work will likely involve an overnight stay. An overnight visit is preferable so students will have a better opportunity to absorb more of island life.

Days of week and hours project will take place?: flexible

Primary contact for the students:

  1. Colleen Doty, Food Program Project Coordinator
  2. Jane Wolverton, President of the Galiano Club
    Address: 141 Sturdies Bay Road
    Phone: 250-539-2427

Experiential components to enhance student engagement:

  • Digging out and screening the beds in the Community Greenhouse
  • Shovelling compost and manure
  • Broom removal
  • Participate in a test kitchen
  • Participate in our Community Stock-up Market in set-up and take-down
  • Mulch garlic beds;
  • Weed school garden


Learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn about locally-produced products available for sale on one small island community (approx. pop. of 1138).
  • Students will use and develop their research skills, integrating online research with phone and in-person interviews.
  • Students will develop their team-building skills for they will have to, as a team, agree on a strategy (how to obtain the desired information in a way that is thorough and accurate) for producing a comprehensive index.

Organizational Outcomes:

  • The Food Program will have a comprehensive listing of all agricultural items for sale on Galiano.
  • The listing will help our organization develop future initiatives for creating sustainability and community resilience.
  • The listing will identify gaps in food production and identify opportunities for growers and those who produce value-added agricultural products.