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ETEC 524: Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application (elective course)


Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application.

ETEC 524 is an online seminar that provides several theoretical frameworks to assist educators in evaluating, selecting and using various learning technologies. Students will gain hands-on experience using a range of learning technologies and platforms: LMS: Blackboard, Moodle; Social Media Tools: Wikis, Weblogs, Twitter... Students will complete a number of small assignments using different learning technologies as well as a larger project in which they bring several of these technologies together to design materials and activities to support student learning.


The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Students will discuss the characteristics of their classrooms, their instructional strategies, and the technologies that support teaching and learning.
  • Participants will explore a set of theoretical frameworks for analyzing learning technologies and apply those frameworks to help them select technologies appropriate to their context.
  • Participants will develop skills in the use of learning technologies:
  • Web-publication: html editing skills, CSS, website design
  • Course management systems: BlackBoard, Moodle, edX and other.
  • Communication Tools: synchronous and asynchronous environments, audio/videoconferencing, storytelling
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Social Media Tools: Wikis, Weblogs, Twitter and other and Social Media
  • Participants will explore and analyze a wide range of formal and informal learning environments, including e-learning, computer-supported collaborative learning, instructional software, and social media.
  • Participants will develop skills in the design of educational media, and the integration of design thinking with scholarship in education.

Course Details


All readings for this course will be provided online, either through the course website or with links to materials that are freely available on the Internet or in the UBC Library.


  • Module 1 - Selecting and Using Technologies: Theoretical Frameworks
  • Module 2 - Presentation Tools: Spaces, Places and Platforms for Learning
  • Module 3 - Interaction and Assessment
  • Module 4 – The World of Digital Media
  • Module 5 – What’s on the Horizon?


  • Flight Path: 5%
  • Participation: 15%
  • LMS Evaluation (group work): 20%
  • Module Projects: Hands-on Assignments/Reflections (2): 55%
  • Final Synthesis: 5%