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Squarefaq.png Getting started

Where do I start?

This guide would be a pretty good place to get you started. Also, check out the help section for a listing of all the articles on how to edit, create, and organize information on the UBC Wiki.

How do I edit a page?

To edit a page, simply click the edit tab at the top of the page. A form will appear, containing the existing markup. When you have finished making modifications, click the Save button to commit your changes.

How do I create a new page?

There are several ways to create a new page, such as:

  • Use one of the forms on Help:Create New Page
  • Search for the specific title of the page you want to create. If the page doesn't already exist, click on the link that says "Create this page".
  • Create a link to the page on another page, then click on the red link which appears
  • Browse to the intended location of the page, e.g. to create an article with the title "newpage", browse to the URL http://wiki.ubc.ca/newpage and then click on the create tab.

How do I make a word bold or put a title in?

The formatting page lists the different ways to format text on the UBC Wiki.

How do I undo an edit I made?

All pages have a "page history," which consists of a record of the date and time of every edit, the username of the user who wrote it, and the summary of the changes. To access a page's history, clicking the "history" link in the View box (on the right). On the page that you would like to see the previous versions, click the "History" tab at the top of a page and you will see a list of all previous edits. You can then compare versions (click "Compare selected versions"), see previous versions (click "last" next to the version you would like to see), or reload a previous version (click "undo").

How do I add a picture to a page?

Before you embed or link to media content on a UBC Wiki page, it must first be uploaded to the wiki. To do this, go to the upload file page. Once the file is uploaded the code displaying an image is:

[[File:file name.extension]]

Squarefaq.png Organizing

How do I add my page to the Course space?

To add a new page to the Course space (or to the Documentation space), prefix the page name you want to create with the space name and a colon (either "Course:" or "Documentation:"). For example, the page name ABCD123 would be added after the space name "Course:" to make Course:ABCD123. You can create the new page by searching for this full title or browsing to the extended url, for example: wiki.ubc.ca/course:ABCD123. To add an already existing page to the course space, use the move function and rename the page with the "Course:" prefix. For example, a page named ABCD123 would be renamed Course:ABCD123.

The article Using the UBC Wiki for Course Work gives an in-depth overview about how you can use the UBC Wiki for your courses.

How do I add my page to an existing category? How do I create a new category?

To add a page or uploaded file to a category, simply edit the page and add the following text (where NAME is the name of the category you want to add it to).


If the category doesn't already exist, it's created automatically.

I'd like to change the title of my page. How do I rename it?

Renaming pages is done by moving the page using the "move tab" at the top of the edit screen. Clicking on the move tab will give you the option to move the current page to a new page with a new title. A redirect from the old title will automatically be created.

My page was moved or renamed. What gives?

As the UBC Wiki grows, keeping it organized is important. Good organization helps ensure that the information on the wiki is findable and accessible and that the UBC Wiki as a the whole is useful. As part of a organizational project, the Wiki Administrator will be moving and renaming pages to make sure that are in the right spaces and places on the wiki. See UBC_Wiki:Wiki Gardening for more information about this project.

Squarefaq.png Discussion & Talk

How do I sign my messages on discussion or talk pages?

The easiest way is to simply put four tilde marks after your message: ~~~~. When the wiki software sees the marks, it automatically inserts your username and a time and date stamp. For example: WikiAdministrator 20:11, 13 July 2010 (UTC)

Squarefaq.png Advanced Editing

How do I insert a linked footnote or citation into my text?

Footnotes are automatically organized and linked using the <ref>, </ref>, and <references/> tags. Please see Help:Footnotes and References for information on how to use these tags.

How do I add a video to my page; can I upload it?

Videos cannot be directly uploaded to the wiki; instead, the best way to add a video to your wiki page is to upload it to a video hosting service like YouTube, Kaltura, or Vimeo and then embed that video onto your webpage. See Help:Adding Media/Video for information on how to embed videos.

I'd like to copy and paste text from my website. Is there a way to do this without having to reformat all the content?

The easiest way to do this is to convert the HTML code of the webpage to the proper Wiki Syntax using an online converter. See Help:Converting HTML to Wiki Syntax for a list of recommended converters. Please be mindful of copyright.

I'd like to copy and paste text from a Word document into the UBC Wiki. Is there a way to do this without having to reformat all the text?

Open Office allows you to save your files directly in the MediaWiki format, while it can be a bit more complicated in MS Word. See Help:Converting Word Documents into Wiki Syntax for more information on both options.

How do I create a direct link to a pdf so that when someone clicks on the link, it automatically opens the pdf?

To create a link so that it goes directly to the file rather than embedding the file, use the word "media" (rather than file). For example:

Is there was a way to add a collapsible section to a wiki page?

Some instructors post exercises to the UBC Wiki and find it beneficial to have the solution hidden at first so students can attempt to solve the problem on their own. The best way to create a collapsible section is to make a Collapsible table. To make a table collapsible, simply add the collapsible class to the table itself. The page at Help:Collapsing gives more information about how to add the class as well as other collapsible parameters you can add to the tables.

How do I delete a page?

By default, MediaWiki (the software that the UBC Wiki runs on) does not allow individual users to delete pages. This is partially based on the theory that pages on the wiki are not "owned" by anyone person but rather belong to the community. Users can request or nominate pages for deletion by placing a delete tag -- {{delete}} -- on their page.