TA training/CoP meetings/January 22, 2018

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Resources, Handbook & Online Space

Facilitators: Silvia Bartolic; Shaya Golparian

This page gathers notes and thoughts about this meeting.

Facilitated activities:

Important Resources for TAs

  • For All TAs (New/Returning/Grad and Undergrad)
Defining roles and responsibilities of all TAs
Teaching Skills
TA-Instructor responsibility agreement / Task agreement/ Allocation of hours
Student Support Services
CUPE/TA Union/Contrat info (when and why to contact them)
TA Coordinator/Faculty contact info
Critical situations/Challenging situations relevant to their role
How to develop a rubric
Next level resources (i.e: ISW; teaching resources, etc)
  • For New (Grad and Undergrad TAs)
Imposter Syndrome
Technology training
Grading policies
  • For New Undergrad TAs
Grading peers
Teaching to a students who are not much younger than you
  • For Returning (Grad and Undergrad TAs)
PD resources
Teaching related (for those new to teaching in their role as TAs)
Facilitation advice/support
Coaching teams
Developing a Teaching Portfolio
Sample TA/guest lecture feedback/evaluation forms
team dynamics

Online Space

Advantages/Challenges with Online Space


Train those who miss F2F sessions
Pre-work to F2F session
Online platform for for discussion


Lack of social aspect/support
Lack of/less participation (do a quiz to address this)
Are they really learning?
Create content - keeping the content updated
Accessibility - No access to internet

Solution for the disadvantages of online space

  • Participation
certificate of attendance
discussion boards (eg: pre-ISW)
Blend (ensure in person components)
Check-in / Completion monitoring system
  • Mentorship +/- Community of Practice w/ Other TAs
(could be organized through an online chatroom)
  • Recruiting returning/senior TAs to facilitate/create content
  • Reflection Activities
  • Reminder that training = paid hours

What should/shouldn't go online? What would it look like?

What should go online:

  • TA/Instructor first meeting
--> checklist of questions
  • Link to resources/references
  • CUPE, Role/responsibilities of TAs
  • How to develop a rubric + template + practice creating rubrics for assignments, etc.
  • Practical Info (Photocopy; log-into computer; TA Office info; Contact info)
  • Upcoming events
  • Suggestion box
  • Online module based learning
  • Diversity training + in person case studies
  • Professionalism

What shouldn't go online:

  • Critical Incidences role-play
  • Marking --> Participatory Module
  • Sessions that are more impact with Active Learning
Experiential Learning
Discussion based Learning

Strategies for getting TAs to review online resources and participate in online activities

  • Making sessions mandatory - payment
  • Incentivizing
User Friendly
Food Vouchers
Certificate of Attendance
  • Discussion board
  • Returning TAs lead next year's session (in person or online)
  • Conduct needs assessment --> Look into what TAs want to learn? --> matching these goals with online content