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Irving K Barber Learning Centre BoothsIrving K Barber Learning Centre ClassroomsIrving K Barber Learning Centre Study Space
Isaac Li LabIso ShortcodeIsomers
Isotopes Half LifeIssues of Democratic nation in South KoreaIt's a small world
It Takes Two To TangoIt is for my mouth forever
JISC OpenEd ReferencesJODIJake Tilson
JamesJames McCormack's Favourite Apps and Websites
JapadogJapan Stationary Museum
Japanese-Canadian Documentaries at the UBCO Library
Jeans: A History
Jello TimeJello timeJenniferChan
Jennifer ChanJennifer and Kevin McCoy
Jenny/leannaJigsaw (Teaching and Learning)
JimUBCJim Campbell
John F Simon Jr
Journal of Family IssuesJournal of Family Theory & Review
Journal of Marriage and FamilyJudiciary InfluenceJump Start
Just tryin to break the ice.
K-pop redefining masculinityKFUPM UBCKFUPM Workshop 2009
Kai's labKamishibai
Katie Vogler
Kendall, Julie E., Kendall, Kenneth E. (1993). Metaphors and Methodologies: Living Beyond the Systems Machine.Kendo ClubKenichi Okada
KeyWord AssignmentKey Contacts for DE Instructors
Key Contacts for DE LearnersKeynesian Multiplier
KholtzKilling Us Softly
Kinscripts/Kin labourKitchen Cabinets and BathroomsKnowledge is power.
Knowledge of the secretKorean Beauty and Miss Korea
L'Hospital's Rule
LEAP CollaboratorsLFS250/JournalRubric
LFSLC:CreativeCommonsLFSLC:UBC Farm Audio Tour
LFS 250 IntegratorsLFS Academic Equipment FundLFS Course Funds
LFS Course Improvement FundLFS Killam Teaching Assistant AwardLFS Killam Teaching Award
LFS Learning CentreLFS TA AwardLGBTQ Discrimination in British Columbia Education Systems
LGBTQ Discrimination in British Columbia School SystemsLGBTQ In Asian CountriesLGBTQ Rights in British Columbia
LGBTQ Rights in Vancouver, BCLIBE 463 Assignment 1LIBE 463 Assignment 3
LIBE 463 Assignment 5LIBE 463 Assignment 6LIBE 477B 951 Module 8 Developing World Libraries
LIBR529/Favourite Books for Three Year OldsLIBR529 2012/Favourite Books for Three Year Olds
LIBR559A/Zaugg, H. & Rackham, S. (2016)
LIBR 559A/Shen, H., & Coughlan, J. (2012)
LIBR 559M Wiki Assignment: Social Media in Special Collections
LLED565 Activity Sign UpLLED 565 Literature Sign Up
LTR PracticeLaboring wheels
Labour SupplyLabour Trafficking of Immigrants
LagrangeLagrange MultiplierLake Como Remix
Laptops in the Classroom (Teaching and Learning)
Large Classes (Teaching and Learning)Last color of sunset
Lattice EnergyLauriedouglas
LavendercloudLawLaw 525.1
Leading Learning Applications - MoodleLeading Learning Objectives
Learning Commons
Learning Commons/Student Orientation/PodcastLearning Commons/Writing Centre
Learning DesignLearning Enhancement Academic Partnership ProgramLearning Management System
Learning ObjectivesLearning Patterns - Novices vs. Experts
Learning Plan for Student Librarians at WoodwardLearning Principles & Strategies/Presentation
Learning Strategies for Communicating Science/Getting the Most from Tutorial SessionsLearning Strategies for Communicating Science/How to Approach InstructorsLearning Strategies for Communicating Science/How to Give Effective Feedback
Learning Strategies for Communicating Science/Self-AssessmentLearning Strategies for Communication Science/Self-AssessmentLearning Styles (Teaching and Learning)
Learning Support CommunityLeche Flan
Lecture CaptureLecture Notes (Teaching and Learning)
Legalization of Abortion in Developed Countries
Lend Me Your Ear
Lessons and Workshops/Active vs. Passive VoiceLessons and Workshops/Communicating Science
Lessons and Workshops/GrammarLessons and Workshops/Grammar/IntroductionLessons and Workshops/Guidelines for Effective Writing
Lessons and Workshops/Identifying and Citing SourcesLessons and Workshops/Numbers, Units and MechanicsLessons and Workshops/Paragraph Structure, Topic Sentences and Transitions
Lessons and Workshops/Peer ReviewLessons and Workshops/Science Essay Writing for First-Year UndergraduatesLessons and Workshops/Succinct Writing, Dealing with Jargon
Lessons and Workshops/Summarizing Journal ArticlesLessons and Workshops/Using Quotations and Paraphrasing in Journalistic WritingLessons and Workshops/Writing Process
Letters 1.2Level Curves
Lewis Dot Structure
Lhood/hopscotchLibary LTK Manual Getting StartedLiberal Democracy
Librarians Without BordersLibrary
Library/Circle/Uploading Electronic Creative Arts Theses and Dissertations
Library/Circle/Uploading Electronic Theses and DissertationsLibrary/Circle/Uploading a SubmissionLibrary/Circle/User Guide Template
Library/Circle/cIRcle Affiliations & Programs Reference GuideLibrary/Citation Management/What Is It
Library Cataloguing Glossary
Library Information Science Abstracts
Library Pages
Life Course TheoryLife Cycle Analysis of Plastic Grocery Bags
Light BulbsLight WavesLightboard Resources
Liibrary: Library Assessment ToolkitLilacs out of the dead land,
Linda Tran's Favourite Apps and WebsitesLinear Approximations
Liquids and Solutions and SolidsList Of UBC WebsitesList of AMS Constituencies
List of ATM and Bank Locations on Campus
List of Current Faculty ISW FacilitatorsList of Current Graduate Student ISW Facilitators
List of Topics 2016List of UBC Buildings with ClassroomsList of UBC Faculties and Schools
List of UBC MediaList of UBC PresidentsList of Vancouver Clubs
Listening (Teaching and Learning)Literary Identity for the Youth
Loading Nozzles into the Holder
Local Documentaries at the UBCO Library
Locations and VenuesLong Run Economic GrowthLooking At Something