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Welcome to the support documentation for the
UBC CMS Service.

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Publishing your site, or having it go live, is really a matter of "domain mapping". First, you'll need a domain or url where you want your site to live (for example: or Then you'll need to have your domain point to the IP address of our servers.

Here's the step by step process if you plan to use a UBC url (such as

  1. First, you need to make a subdomain request from UBC IT. The instructions can be found here.
    • IMPORTANT: When you submit the request, please specify that your website is hosted with CTLT and our IP address is and expect at least two business days for this to happen.
  2. Next log in to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Tools > Domain Mapping and put in your requested domain (such as to "Add new domain" and make sure that "Primary domain for this blog" is unchecked.
  3. Then you will just need to wait to hear back from UBC IT when your requested domain points successfully to our server.
  4. Then you can login to the WordPress Dashboard and go to Domain Mapping and set your requested url to be the primary domain.

This process normally takes at least 2 to 3 business days.